Premiere: North Hammer brings the melodeath with “Wanderer”

north hammer premiere wanderer from stomcaller in toilet ov hell

Call the Storms with North Hammer: where Bathory meets Ensiferum, Kalmah and Wintersun.

Battle ready folk outfits are not exclusive to the North Europe anymore. After the success of bands like Ensiferum and Amon Amarth this particular style of pagan melodic death metal sees new members of its brethren unleashing victory chants to the world. Today, I am more than eager to introduce North Hammer to this pantheon.

Warfare is unleashed with “Wanderer”, the first snippet of their upcoming debut, Stormcaller. With this preview, listeners can catch their influences, but still feel their language speaking through the thunderous riffage sweeping between the sparkling strings.

The project was initially conjured by Edmonton based musician Andrew James (Eye of Horus) and received assistance by drummer Doug “Helcaraxë” Nunez, which was in total honesty the piece that finally send the song to the Valhalla with its perfect timing and powerful fills.

“Wanderer” begins with a Bathory-esque chorus in front of tender acoustics to further exploding into melodeath territories. Riffing comes and go in form of a melody that interwines the next segments of the track, which concludes with a great solo and a nice double bass storm. The composition is dynamic and moving enough, thanks to the mix of the Quorthon worship and the swinging melodic death metal influences.

North Hammer will set free the Stormcaller on March 16th. Be sure to wishlist this out on Bandcamp and get prepared for the Old Gods to return in full glory.

You can follow the project here and here.

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