Aversions Crown – “Vectors”: A Video Breakdown


Black t-shirts? Check. Chuggity Chugs? Check. Alien invasion? Check. Choreographed bouncing? You better believe that’s a check.

Aversions Crown (no apostrophe for some reason) is an Australian deathcore band on Nuclear Blast. You remember Nuclear Blast right? They’re the home of legendary bands such as Surrounded By Monsters and Speaking the King’s. Oh, I see. Only one band on the label with a terrible name is allowed to have an apostrophe. Kind of like how wrestlers in WWE can’t have the same first name to avoid any confusion?

The band recently released will release their sophomore album Tyrant on November 24th. They’ve dropped this video for the song “Vectors.” Let’s check it out, shall we?


0:04: It’s nice that Cannabis Corpse shares their space with the band.
0:12: Slooooooowwww dramatic turrrrrnnnnnnn.
0:26: Hey, Bill Goldberg is still getting work.
0:32: Alienses! Oh noes!
0:42: The singer really likes pointing with two fingers. Maybe he wants us to pull them?
1:00: Goldberg loves rubbing his head. Perhaps it’s that new conditioner he’s using.
1:18: Sloooooowwwww motioooonnnn bulllllshiiiiitttttt.
1:33: Look out! The aliens are using giant sex toy technology!
1:36: Synchronized bounce, motherfuckers!
1:48: The drummer will never regret those softball-sized plugs. Never. Ever. Ever.
1:55: I don’t think a gun is going to help fight the space dildos, Goldberg. On a related note, a movie called “Goldberg vs. The Space Dildos” is a license to print money. To Kickstarter!
2:19: Whoops, looks like Weedeater is now paying Goldberg a visit.
2:39: Oooh it’s a “pretty” part to make up for the chuggity chuggs. Thanks guys!
2:44: The cameraman has got a case of the jimmy arms.
2:54: Bounce you silly fucks!
3:05: You still bouncing? Fucking right, you are!
3:09: Fog. Goldberg’s only weakness. That and car windows.
3:16: Still. Fucking. Bouncing.

Well that was blissfully short. The alien invaders theme was actually used in a previous Aversion Crown video. I guess they blew all their video budget on that one because we get a whole lot of nothing in this video. Except for the bounce. I’ll bet somewhere, somehow, some way, Aversions Crown is bouncing off into the sunset in search of their missing apostrophe. May you bounce in peace.

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