Vinnie Moore – Kung Fu Grip: A Video Breakdown



When you know, you just know. That type of thinking can be applied to so many things. Love, work, entertainment, a really good sandwich. Sometimes, you just know when something is perfect. Look at the preview picture for Vinnie Moore’s new music video, Kung Fu Grip. You know that it is perfect for a Video Breakdown.


The Seventh Green Screen Curse


Pow! Ouch! In The Bronx


Cringing Tiger, Hidden Shame


Enter The No, Dad Not Again.


Blah Blah Blah Man


Iron Bimmy


Master With Cracked Nuts


The Five Deadly Free Alternatives To Photoshop


Mortal Crunkbat


The 36th Whammy Bar Of The Shaolin


Vinnie Moore’s album Soul Shifter is out now.

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