Don’t Miss This! Vol. 6


After MSD so graciously brought you a few albums he thinks you shouldn’t miss, he passed the responsibility on to me. As a disclaimer, this will not all be tech! Yes, I know, your mind is on the brink of exploding right now. Don’t worry, it will be okay. Also, as much as I want to post about The Pretty Reckless, I won’t subject you loyal flushers to such mental contortion. So, let’s get to it.

First up, one of my favorite death metal albums of the year. Some whatshisface posted this on Facebook a while back mentioning how one of his buddies was in it or something. I checked it out thinking, “I’ll just see how lame this is and then go back to Archspire.” I ended up listening to the whole album… TWICE. It’s straight up, in your face death metal and I love it. Check out Infection Legacy by Death Toll Rising:


Next on the agenda is Maat (Damon?). As a simple description for this band I will say this: Behemoth+Nile+Vader=Maat. Yeah, think about that for a second. I’ll wait. Now that your brain is done processing this immaculate combination of bands, you can feast your ears on “As We Create The Hope From Above”:

Finding their album can be a bit of a chore since the entire thing isn’t on Bandcamp or Spotify, but it’s out there on the internet just waiting to be found. I know because I have it. I have no clue how I found it though. Sorry.


Now, to the delight of our good friend Tyree among others, we’re gonna get a bit filthy for a bit. Kataplexis write some absolutely blistering blast-your-head-off deathgrind. Menacing vocals that are just aching to rip your soul from your body coupled with some downright ferocious drumming and impressive technicality, all packed in between some absolutely devastating riffage set Kataplexis apart from the rest of the genre. If that doesn’t make you want to hear this band, why are you here? I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next. Here’s a Bandcamp stream of their most recent album, Downpour:


How about we do a complete 180 now and get into some groove? Yes Jack, that sounds fucking awesome. Alright then! Dyscarnate is band I found randomly on Youtube at the beginning of the year. They quickly became an early favorite. They have been somewhat overshadowed by the tidal wave of amazing music that’s engulfed the metalsphere this year, but whenever I need to headbang I know I can listen to “The Promethean”:

They kind of remind me of Dying Fetus at some points. Also, that bass drop sounds oh-so-incredible in my car. If you’re looking for some straight up bang your head and punch lifelovers in their faces type music, look no further. Dyscarnate has got you covered.


Now let’s take a stroll over to the instrumental side of things. I don’t always listen to instrumental shred, but when I do, it’s Christian Muezner’s “Behind the Wall of Sleep.” Muezner is an incredible musician. You may remember him from Necrophagist, Obscura, and Spawn of Posession. Shit, do I need to say more?  “Mountains of Madness” is one of my favorite tracks. Check it out:


But Jack, where is the Tech?  Yes, I am aware this would not be a true Jack Bauer post if it was devoid of tech death, so I have something special for you loyal tech heads. There’s this band called Archsp- just kidding. Let’s take a look at Dungortheb. This is a band that I discovered recently and have found myself enjoying quite a bit. They remind me a lot of Gorod to be honest, an that is nowhere near being a bad thing. The production is a bit muddier than that of Gorod, and they have more of an OSDM vibe as well. This works perfectly within the context of their sound. Extracting Souls dropped in August. Check out “A Red Night”:


That’s it for now, see you Thursday!

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