BEST “DARK” RIFF: Vacivus VS. Gorement


Today in RIFF or RAFF, we’re looking for the “darkest” riff of all! Both riff submissions must be from songs that contain the word “Dark”. The combatants came prepared with heavy hitters from Vacivus and Gorement. One riff will riff, the other will raff. Let’s do this.

LAST WEEK, was an anything goes free-for-all in which Vladmir Poutine’s Wormrot riff fuckin’ BODIED Gurp’s Virvum riff by 41 points. Sorry Gurp, but great work, Vlad! Your prize is a gift from your Bandcamp wishlist.


NEXT WEEK I wanna hear some got-dang guitar solos. I need some divebombs, some widdly-diddlies, some sweeps, and some SKREEE’s, so you better send me your finest guitar solo. Winner gets a prize of my choosing. To submit:

-Write 100-500 words about why you your riff rules

-Include a link to stream your selection, the timestamp for your riff, and your screen name

-Email me at

THIS WEEK, I’m trying not to end it all because Daylight Savings Time has me more depressed than the thought of living under the rule of a fascist melanoma. These riffs are all about darkness – we know it because they have “DARK” in their names. You listen to both, then you determine who riffs… and who raffs. Let’s get it on!

You’ve had one of those – days/weeks/lifetimes, slaving away at – work/school/hell.
As far back as Tuesday, you can remember deciding to have a big weekend to – enjoy yourself/forget existence/commence the apocalypse.
Now, it’s Friday arvo and all you can think about is ripping open – beers/the pit/the seven seals.
The final hour approaches, the time when you get to clock off and regain freedom from your oppressor… you get a phone call from your mate – Dan/Sarah/Pestilence.
They’re on their way to pick you up and head out to get some drinks before the – BBQ/gig/cataclysmic death of all things.
You know you need the right riff for this situation, something to fire everyone up for the occasion, they pull up out the front, you hop in and “Dark Apotheosis” (the first track from Vacivus’ 2015 debut EP) sets the past ablaze.
As is per normal, the stereo volume is cranked to the threshold of pain, the riff begins, and you immediately begin to – smile maniacally/headbang relentlessly/sharpen your scythe.
The clomping bass mirrors the – car’s poorly serviced engine/bones jolting in your neck/hooves of Famine’s horse.
Everything else dies.
The four of you ride out into the night knowing you’ve made the right choice. — Lacertilian

For those that aren’t familiar, Gorement was a Swedish brutal death band that popped up briefly in the early 90s, put out some demos and one full-length, then disappeared without making much of a splash. I would have missed this entirely, had I not heard Century Media was collecting all of their material and releasing it in one handy package. I don’t think you’re prepared for the nastiness of “Darkness of the Dead” from their 1991 Human Relic demo. Broken-to-shit HM-2 pedals and absolutely vile toilet vocals highlight this track as it crushes everything in its path.  alland I don’t think you’re ready for just how nasty this track is. I submit the riff at 0:35 that slows “Darkness of the Dead” down with a hammer smash and reappears throughout the track like a vengeful specter. Those vox doe! –Joe Thrashnkill

Now you must choose:

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