Listen to Hadean’s “Inertia” or be forever uncool


Check out a new song from this Massachusetts sextet saxtet here. FFO: widdly diddlies, uplifting arrangements, and smooooth sax y’all.

I get a monstrous amount of band submissions in my inbox; some great, some OK, and some (lots) lolbuttz. But few things that end up in my email have ever knocked me on my taut, glorious ass quite like “Inertia”, the first taste of Hadean‘s upcoming LP On Fading. The band has created a singular style that recalls the off-kilter compositions of Kayo Dot, the candy-coated fretwork of Between the Buried and Me, and the self-aware 7os yacht vibes of Destroyer (the Dan Bejar one, not the 666’ers).

“Inertia” takes us on an almost 10-minute journey that starts with sexy, if mournful sax, through crushing doom riffage, into a righteously fun middle section, and closes with more baby-makin’ woodwind. Give it a spin and feel the good vibes. Or skip it and sulk all day. See if I care.

Go like Hadean on Facebook to keep up to date with release info for On Fading. Tell ’em the Toilet sez “AYO”.

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