PREMIERE: Exhausted Prayer – “Infinite Shadow”


Stream an icy new track from this long-running California black metal act.

Exhausted Prayer have been hard at work over the course of 19 years and four full-length records. Their latest is a split 12″ Oregon’s own progcore band Burials. It’s a perfect listen for folks that demand adventurous melodies and clear production to highlight these twists and turns across the fretboard. “Infinite Shadow”, one of Exhausted Prayer’s contributions to this split, may be one of their finest tracks yet. The bass guitar is up front, in lock step with drums and guitar as the vocals reach from a black metal shriek to a satisfying, lower register guttural. Click play below and get into the inter-dimensional groove.

The Exhausted Prayer/Burials Split is out January 13th on digital download and limited-edition vinyl. Check out an additional track from Burials and Exhausted Prayer over at the Apes Who Looked Up Bandcamp page and pre-order the split on wax. Go like Exhausted Prayer on Facebook and share your feelings about Beowulf with them.

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