Case Listings: 12-81 – The Survivalist Cult


I hope this information has helped you. The end times are upon us. The Eschaton is nigh. I… I wish things didn’t go down this way.

These cases are personal. I was one of the agents who helped put the cult away. I think they were right. Listen. Listen. Listen.

I think the higher ups have figured out what I’m up to. It doesn’t matter anymore. If the survivalists were right, nothing matters anymore. I thought I closed these doors.

They’re open again.

— Mendel

Case Number 12-81 | Case Name: The Survivalist Cult
Subject Identification: Code Name: Various
Subject Location: Canada – Reliquary 1/Various/Unknown

The Survivalist Cult is a mysterious group of apocalyptic visionaries distributed across the globe. It has never been determined how many cultists there are, but the group is dedicated to using music and other media to disseminate end times theories and to hasten the fulfillment of “The Glorious Return.” BZ&A became aware of The Survivalist cult in the 1950s after investigators detained members of the Marian Keech extraterrestrial unit. Although the media portrayed Keech’s group as delusional psychotics obsessed with end times prophecy, the BZ&A investigation discovered that Keech was but one of several doomsday prophets operating under the guidance of a shadowy, decentralized command structure.

Further investigation linked this cult to predecessor groups that predated the Keech unit by at least several centuries. Several esoteric pieces of literature were recovered from a Keech compound, among them The King in Yellow and Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Of particular note were several copies of a manual entitled The Rites of the Nephilim Inheritance, a document detailing the inception of a gifted race of men granted foreknowledge by the Anunnaki. This group allegedly first made contact with the Ancestral Puebloans, leading to the first mass exodus from Earth. Although the cult members officially refer to themselves as The Nephilim, BZ&A has designated the group The Survivalist Cult.

For decades, BZ&A operatives have worked tirelessly to stifle the activities of the cult. An entire division of the organization was created specifically to seal portages opened by cult members and to curtail human exodus to the Parallels. Despite the efforts of Balaam, Zann, and Associates, Survivalist Cult material has still been discovered in circulation as recently as 2013.


Case Number 12-8111D | Case Name: Mission from God
Subject Identification: Code Name: Column of Heaven | First Name(s): Unknown | Last Name(s): King, Kristiansen, Nolan, Simpson
Subject Location: Canada – Reliquary 1

Subject Information: In 1981, four boys on a camping trip with their families in the Pisgah National Forest area of North Carolina went missing for twelve hours. When search parties finally discovered the boys, they were all speaking in what was referred to as “tongues”, each lying on the ground with his head in one of the four cardinal directions of the compass. The boys did not cease speaking in strange languages until they were separated from each other by medical professionals. Years went by without incident, but at some point in the 200s, the four young men came into contact with a pamphlet distributed by a Survivalist member using the pseudonym Enoch. The four young men then all quit their jobs and formed a grind unit called Column of Heaven.

Since its advent, the Column of Heaven has released multiple albums with the intent of reinstating the Tower of Babel. 12-8111D is the definitive manifesto of the band’s career, combining multiple elements encouraged by the Survivalist protocols to subtly brainwash and indoctrinate new initiates. Harsh vocals and even harsher noise are twisted in insidious fashion while the drums blast relentlessly, battering the senses into unwillingness. Strange audio samples and interstellar static hide back-masked subliminal messages. Most intoxicating, though, are the sharpened riffs that serrate and tear away unwillingness. The record is a potent mixture of the bizarre and the obscene, intended to lure in new adherents through its exotic wiles and transform them through menacing heaviness.

When groups of four or more individuals are subjected to 12-8111D, listeners are typically found in a similar state as the original four boys, gripped by strange languages and locked into polar positions. None of the languages have ever been identified. Due to the unknown results of long-term exposure, BZ&A operatives have contained all physical manifestations of 12-8111D and locked them away in Reliquary 1 at an undisclosed location in Canada. The members of Column of Heaven themselves have yet to be located.

Attachment 12-8111S: Audio Sample of Mission from God

Case Number 12-8112D
| Case Name: Final Session
Subject Identification: Code Name: Windscale | First Name(s): Joshua N., Unknown, Steve | Last Name(s): Cabal, Fellahean, Makita
Subject Location: Canada – Reliquary 1

Subject Information: In 2010, BZ&A operatives in Canada were alerted to the presence of two wandering stranniks that had emigrated from Russia to Canada. Although the holy men were garbed in typical Eastern Orthodox attire, the strange teachings they proclaimed in free speech forums were most closely linked to the dogma of the Khlysts. However, there were marked differences in the teachings, particularly in regards to eschatology. BZ&A associates investigated the stranniks over a period of five months until it was discovered that the two had established a base of operations in ████████████ where they had indoctrinated the operators of a print shop and were distributing disturbing propaganda that spoke of a cleansing virus that signals the rapture. Along with the pamphlets, numerous weapons and narcotics were discovered at the location, as well as mysterious recordings burnt to a number of compact discs.

The compact discs contained 12-8112D, three tracks of charismatic preaching looped with droning sounds, eerie feedback, and mechanical percussion. The deranged harangues spoke of fiery judgment and the end times, and the droning appeared to be designed to penetrate deep into the subconscious mind to plant images of terror. All members of the initial raiding party who were exposed to 12-8112D were subsequently treated for a host of psychological disorders, including night terrors, post-traumatic stress disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. Survivors from the raiding party have likened the music to Golgothan hymns of the damned.

In addition to 12-8112D, the raiding party discovered a trap-door that led to bomb shelter converted into a cellar below the floorboards of the print shop. There, the operatives discovered a Type 1 Aperture. Operative ██████████████████ was immediately contacted and flown in to perform Protocol ████████████ ████████████ █. The protocol was a success. The stranniks were detained and transported to Reliquary 1. All copies of 12-8112D at the print shop were collected and sealed at Reliquary 1, though it is unknown if any other copies exist or were distributed.

Attachment 12-8112S: Audio Sample of Final Session

Case Number 12-8113D | Case Name: Macaulayism
Subject Identification: Code Name: Coloniser (Wolves of Heaven) | First Name(s): Unknown | Last Name(s): Unknown
Subject Location: Canada – Reliquary 1

Subject Information: In 2013, BZ&A operatives were alerted to mysterious circumstances at the ████████████ ████████████ school in ████████████, ████████████. Responding agents discovered a facility full of dead bodies that had all apparently been bleached white. In the center of the assembly hall was a large, cube-shaped black parcel with its lid slightly ajar. Hovering above this parcel was a Type 2 Aperture. Lead Operative ████████████ performed Protocol ████ █ to seal the Aperture, and bomb-disposal equipment was used to ascertain the existing threat of the parcel.

Inside the parcel, operatives discovered a self-powered record player with a single-side LP on the deck. The needle had reached the end of the groove, but the record had continued to spin. After preparing to perform a second ritual of closure, Lead Operative ████████████ ordered that the record be played again. The agents discovered that the record, 12-8113D, was a death industrial album. Each song contained horrific synth structures paired with tribal percussive tappings and abrasive, incendiary roars. The lyrics of the record were difficult to decipher, but operatives were able to determine that the mouthpiece of the record spoke of “wolves of salvation.” All four tracks had been expertly crafted to draw listeners into a sense of rapt awe before bludgeoning their consciousness with brutal machine sounds and feral groans and shrieks.

The origin of the parcel was never determined, but the box did have the word “Coloniser” inscribed on the side. Database scans list the term as associated with a radical Eastern political separatist group called Wolves of Heaven. BZ&A operatives are currently searching for the whereabouts of this group. 12-8113D is sealed in Reliquary 1.

Attachment 12-8112S: Audio Sample of Macaulayism

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