Flush It Friday: The Perfect Drum Sound Doesn’t Exi–


For the past several days I have been thinking of a way to roast a fellow author, one who is very particular about his drum sounds. (Hint: he’s a super nice guy and also an owl.) It was my mission to try and find some really bad drums as a form of troll bait for said author… but then I stumbled upon what is unarguably the best drum sounds ever laid to wax. My goal of punishing dear Rolderathis was set aside in order to showcase something that’s actually really good!

Back in 1986 technical hard rockers Van Halen released a stellar album featuring a new vocalist with chops that were a little better than David Lee Roth’s, although the lyrical content had become a little more cheesy. 5150 happens to also feature the best drum sound in the universe…

So go ahead, try and beat that!

GOOD: Cats are metal AF. Those miniature tigers just bring so much joy to my life. I take care of two senior cats with more than their fair share of issues, but it’s worth every hour of work and every dollar spent on doctor visits and medications (there’s a lot, trust me). It’s wonderful to see how much the heavy metal community has embraced cats, like when an artist or label monetarily assists various shelters, or when a Danzig braves the hot sun and annoying paparazzi to refill his cat litter supply. Carnivorous, intelligent, sometimes ruthless hunters they are; but also sweetiepies. Also, the new Kairon; IRSE! dropped today, the vinyl is on its way, and a review shall be published soon(ish). Stay tuned!

BAD: I’ve lost all faith in humanity. Only took me about 39 years. I finally deactivated my YouTube channel, novelty Twitter account, and Facebook profile. And if I have the grit to follow through, my news intake will be reduced significantly. Disqus remains my favorite social media platform, that I won’t leave. Y’all are just too much fun!

UGLY: My boy cat had to be taken to the emergency vet this week. He has an enlarged heart which causes fluid build-up in the lungs, and it had become pretty bad in recent days. They drained lots of fluid and asked me not only to up one of his medication doses, but also add another one to the mix (for a total of four different pills every day). The procedure has absolutely rejuvenated him! And just look at this face:

It was such a good News day this week. Lots of great songs were released.

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Karhu gathered up a batch of quality death and black metal, as he is wont to do.

September Roundup: Väki, Shrapnel Storm, Korgonthurus, The Committee, Warmoon Lord & Vultyrium

Speaking of Karhu, Richter happened to think his opinion was wrong on a band. It made for a good read.

Yarek Ovich’s Introversion: A Response (Plus Some Thoughts on Lifelover and Other Things)

A Spooky Mansion reviewed an album by Eshtadur. The artwork reminds one of Toilet-approved movie The Void.

Review: Eshtadur – From The Abyss

Happy Friday everyone!

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