Dan Swanö Returns with Nightingale “Retribution”


…and it’s about freaking time. The follow-up to Nightingale’s mindblowingly-awesome 2007-release White Darkness is already available in the EU via the characteristically progressive and indie German label Inside Out Music. (Inside Out has a partnership with Century Media and the album is due to be released in North America on January 27, 2015.)

The special edition enhanced CD will (like last year’s amazing Witherscape album entitled The Inheritance) include the highly-dynamic vinyl mix as bonus data tracks that can be extracted on your PC or Mac. If you’re at all a dork like me you probably pooped yourself, stopped reading, and are in the process of placing your order at insideoutshop.de.

For those who require an introduction: Dan “The Man” Swanö is a renowned mix/mastering engineer and owner at Unisound AB. He is also the vocalist/multi-insturmentalist for bands such as Edge of Sanity and Witherscape. He has been involved with Katatonia, Bloodbath, and a metric shit-ton of other bands of which I will refrain from namedropping.

On the making of Retribution Dan says this:

During the writing of the Witherscape debut album, I wrote a lot of stuff that would work better on a Nightingale album, and before I knew it, I had the skeleton for a lot of potentially awesome Nightingale songs! It was important that the new material had the vibe of the older albums, yet with a better production and performance.

Guaranteed contender for Album of the Decade, people.

Since JAG can not find any of the new tracks about the interwebs, here’s the opening track from White Darkness:

Dan Swanö – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dag Swanö – bass, guitars, keyboards
Erik Oskarsson – bass
Tom Björn – drums

If you just gotta get this album now, you can pick it up right here. 

Pictures and quotation courtesy of Inside Out Music

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