Danzig Memes Is A Treasure Trove Of Photochopped Glory


You may not be able to photograph Glenn Danzig at one of his performances because he will fight you if you try, but the internet has found a workaround to this dilemma, and it comes to us in the form of the Facebook page known as Danzig Memes. That’s right, someone made a Facebook page dedicated to photoshopping Danzig’s face or famous people’s likenesses into some form of Danzig. I spent a good few hours browsing the photos submitted and found myself laughing uncontrollably at most of it. This is a place where the hits are many and the misses are few. Let’s have a look at some of the many great works this page has to offer.

A common theme you’ll find among these memes is that you’ll see Glenn photoshopped into popular television shows or movies. First up, someone took the TV sitcom, Married With Children and added Danzig to the mix. And with that you get “Married With Danzig” complete with one hand on the remote control while the other is securely tucked underneath the waistband of Al Bundy’s slacks. As an added bonus, Henry Rollins has been added to quietly judge Glenn from behind the couch.

Married With Danzig

Other sitcoms are prominent as well. How about this one of George Costanza from Seinfeld merged with Glenn’s wavy locks of jet black hair? When Independent Danzig clashes with Sitcom Costanza, Independent Danzig ceases to exist.


Let’s do one more from Seinfeld because this one is spot on. “Hello Jerry Only.”, “Hello Newmanzig.”


How about Glenn Danzig’s face photoshopped into some of your favorite movies? Our resident Phantasm fanatic Scrimm will either love or hate this depiction of Danzig in the classic horror film. Bonus points on this one for keeping the Tall Man’s signature old man bowl cut intact.


These next two are for the fighter in Glenn. First up we have one of the most popular boxers of all time coupled with Danzig’s hair and physique. Glenn Danzig + Mike Tyson + lispy speech = “Danthig”.


There are quite a few wrestling related memes to be found within the confines of Danzig Memes. One of the standouts from that category is Danzig combined with the WWE’s Bam Bam Bigelow, who was a popular figure during the late 80’s and 90’s. Bam Bam’s signature tattoo graces Danzig’s skull in a way he couldn’t have possibly ever imagined. This is one of my favorites right here.

Dan Dan Zigelow

Many of you have probably heard that Glenn allegedly roughed up a fan backstage at a recent performance for what else: trying to photograph Danzig. This incident has not escaped Danzig Memes. Someone has decided to show Glenn that while you might be able to take a few swings at someone trying to get a picture of you with a selfie stick, you cannot punch the internet. And with that, we have “Fanzig” for your viewing pleasure.


Danzig Memes are not limited to famous people. They can be adapted into activities of all kinds. Just laying out to catch some rays? Danzig Memes has got you covered. Get a beach towel, oil up and get that He-Man tan that you’ve always dreamed of with “Tanzig”.


This next batch of Danzig Memes is dedicated to music related images. First up is Glenn shouting “Getcha Pull but don’t take pictures of me” in the appropriately titled “Dantera”.


Here we have Danzig among others photoshopped into what appears to be an old Mötley Crüe photo. The result is “Glamzig”.


Danzig need not be limited to rock and metal. He can materialize in hip hop circles as well. Here he has been inserted into the Wu Tang Clan because everybody knows he ain’t nuthin’ to fuck wit.

Wu Tang Clanzig

Politics can provide us with some quality Danzig Memes. Take presidential hopeful Donald Trump and give him Danzig’s hair and The Donald becomes only slightly less unbearable. Trump’s got the money. It’s not too late to lose the rat’s nest that currently resides on top of his head and trade it in for some thick black hair to curry favor with the voters.


Seeing all these great works of art got me inspired enough to knock out my own personal Danzig Meme. I just went with the first thing that came to mind and this is the result. I will submit this one to Danzig Memes so it can mingle with the rest of the great images located over there.


If you want to make some Danzig Memes of your own, all you need is the Danzig font which can be downloaded for free here. After that, the possibilities are endless for those of you with basic photoshop skills. The images featured in this post are only a small fraction of what Danzig Memes has to offer. Head over to their Facebook page , give them a like and browse through the all the content submitted there. Prepare to laugh often and not be able to explain to your co-workers why the smile cannot be wiped off your face.

(All Images VIA The Danzig Memes Facebook page)

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