Flush It Friday: Getting Irrationally Angry at the Blogosphere Edition


Oh motherFUCKER.

RANT: Man, I’m gonna get right into this: my butt is completely and utterly injured beyond repair. I’ve transcended butthurt and traveled to the realm of thermonuclear buttdevastation. The earth is strewn with charred piles of buttcasualties. There are no buttsurvivors. Buttz.

If you’ve read Huffington Post, Jezebel, any Blast Beat Network site, or motherfucking Rolling Stone, you saw the big, viral “metal” story this week involving the revelation that Katy Perry performed on a P.O.D. track back in 2006. It’s been literally everywhere, including “trending stories” on Facebook. Who cares, right? Unfortunately, I do.

On May 4th, I published a piece about the P.O.D./Katy Perry connection titled “Katy Perry: Her SHOCKING Nü-Metal Past REVEALED“. It was mostly an exercise in attempting click-bait, tabloid-style writing. It was fun to put together, and the commenters seemed to (mostly) get a kick out of it. And that’s where it ended. The post netted a total of zero likes and zero shares on Facebook. If there is such a thing as negative virality, my post achieved it. It was a failure of an article. Which is fine. I write a lot of those.

On Wednesday this week, MetalSucks published “Katy Perry Once Sang Back-up Vocals for P.O.D.” Axl Rosenberg sourced a Tweet published earlier that day and shortly after publication, the piece was picked up by every content clearinghouse around the world.

Let me be totally clear: no one “stole content” (an asinine concept, all of this information all exists on Wikipedia). Furthermore, the Toilet ov Hell isn’t a business and we don’t depend on page views. There’s no money at stake, we do the shit for the love of the game bloggin’. Additionally, the post was pretty friggin’ moronic to begin with. I’m just really fucking bummed that my work got ignored while some other dude’s words were read by half the Internet. Even though it hasn’t been relevant in like 40 years, it woulda been cool to be in the Rolling Stone (online edition only).

We work really, really hard to put together interesting content and keep this place going. Sometimes it’s a completely thankless task. Sometimes I wonder why we even try doing it. It’s foolish to hope for, or even want, a big mainstream audience to read any of this; lord knows I don’t wanna deal with a pile of mouthbreathing YouTube commenters. It just would have been nice for this lil Toilet blog to get a moment in the sun.

/salty blogger rant

It’s Flush It Friday today. You know how this works. The space below is all yours to let out whatever is on your mind so you can start the weekend clear and refreshed. Thank you for your continued support.

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