Riff Of The Week: Big Dumb Bird Edition



Before we see what you have all squeezed out of your respective cloacae for this week’s bird themed riff-off, let’s take a gander at who yee’d the hawdest in last week’s Texan themed shoot-out.

Sheeit! In what appears to have been a hard-fought late-week duel, Ted’s butthole riff came out sitting just on top of Yarnhawk’s wand riff. Shame I can’t think of a way to derive humour from that, I usually make a dumb joke about the results.

For this week’s competition we asked for bird/bird-related riffs, and you laid a paltry offering of four potential poultry. Here’s an angry rawk to show our disappointment. RRRRRRRAAAWWWKKKKKK.

Positronic Brain

Down – “Stone The Crow”

Yeah, an Anselmo-related RotW again, because a search through my music library for bird-related words turned this one up fairly quick. “Stone the Crow” is known for its sepia-toned music video featuring a be-plaided Anselmo performing with the band in a dusty-ass bar while Pepper and Pepper alone gets to shred a guitar solo while standin’ on the dock of the bay, and for being the catchiest tune on the whole goddamn killer album. It has a neat little guitar lick repeated in various ways throughout, culminating in a fucktastic iteration at 3:20 that may not be as Earth-shatteringly heavy as, say, Kirk Windstein, but more than earns your vote for Riff of the Week with its proto-Mastodon doodly-doodly flourishes and general air guitar awesomeness.


Amon Amarth – “Blood Eagle”

I found this surprisingly difficult–the answer always seemed to be “Eagle,” at least in my collection.  So if I was stuck with that, I had to go with Amon Amarth.  A little tired and formulaic?  Maybe, but tell me this entire song, the best off of Deceiver of the Gods, isn’t a brutal angry headbanging good time.  Base riff starting at 0:40 is great throughout, but the complete switchup at 1:42 is my pick for the riff. Technically, the song is about a brutal method of execution used by the vikings, but hey, it’s named after a bird!

Ted Nu-Djent

Corrosion Of Conformity – “Albatross”

So I almost completely spaced on submitting this week until this morning while after listening to a bunch of Gorguts, Mgla and Marduk to ready myself to see them on the Friday night I decided I needed a change of pace. Enter Corrosion of Conformity’s Deliverance and the second track on the album ‘Albatross’ which reminded me of this weeks theme and that I’d better get my arse into gear and submit. The riff starts at the beginning and is the main riff of the song. My submission this week might have been discovered by accident but for mine it’s a worthy submission nonetheless. Cheers


Grand Magus – “Ravens Guide Our Way”

Only posers use GPS. True metal brethren use Ravens to figure out which exit to take. The base of this riff kicks in at 1:05, and the real slaying begins with the verse variations at 1:29. Ride to victory!


Gorod – “Birds Of Sulphur”

Even though this was the first thing that came to mind and I’d usually investigate other options for a theme, I knew I would end up coming back to this beast of an album opener. Riff @ 2:23 will do. “REDEMPTION, ALWAYS COMES FROM THE SKY!”

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Next week we’re going to get doomy. Send your doomiest riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com by Friday. Include a YouTube link, your screen-name, and a short description/blurb with a time-stamp of your riff.

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