Getting Laid at Bandcamp IV


Last week my Bandcamp roundup was a little on the gentle side so this week will be nothing but skull crushing nonsense. Let’s turn up the grind, crust, and BPM’s and get mean in the Toilet!

AugursOld Ways

There is a reason why I put Augurs first on this list. Because they put the “crush” into “crushing” and that’s what this post is all about. These Oakland crust-grinders put all they have into these three violent tracks. The only complaint I have about this EP is that it is way too short (so I’ve just been playing it repeat). The song “Drunk” is a completely massive and perfect intro song, plus the song title fits my life-style quite fittingly. 😀


KrigblåstPower Till Demise

Hell, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found out about these guys and their 2014 album Till Demise. First off, the intro to the first song “Burn it All” is one of the best crust punk intros ever. Each listen gives me goosebumps that turn into completely violence-fueled adrenaline [Editor note: you might want to get those bumps checked out by your primary care physician. —MSD]. Krigblåst from Canada may have won the best crust-punk album of the year for me. If you’re looking for some polished sounding crust punk with crunchy guitar tones and D-beats that scream “fuck you!” then Krigblåst have got you covered.


Death of SelfMental Disintegration

4 words you need to read here first… Ethan Fucking Lee McCarthy! I’m not going to go into details again about Ethan and all of his projects that I absolutely worship. Primitive Man is top gun in this instance. You can read all about it in my Do not “Loathe” Primitive Man post. Death of Self is one of Ethan’s three grindcore bands, and they really turn up the aggression level. Vermin Womb (Ethan’s other grind band) and Death of Self sound quite similar, but I think there’s a bit of a boost in vocal intensity and overall playing speed. If you’re looking for the dark, apocalyptic, and sludgy heavy sound of Vermin Womb with more intense vocals and a higher BPM then Death of Self hits the fucking spot HARD!


NekrofilthDevil’s Breath 

Lifelovers get the hell out now! Nekrofilth‘s name says it all. Raunchy, filthy, disgusting, sadistic, gross, drunk, inappropriate, nasty, foul, and no fucks giving straight-to-the-point death-thrash from the vile swamps of New Orleans.  Favorite track: “Junkie Cunt.” The lyrics are just so romantic.


Disturbance ProjectGrita Mietras Puedas

Right after the intro track into the snare count off “pop pop pop pop” and that heavy, distorted guitar, scream, and blastbeat start you, just know you are in for one hell of a beating. I haven’t heard a grind album as punishing, fierce, and blasting since Blockhead‘s LP This World is Dead from 2013. The vocals have two pitches through out the whole album: extremely low growls/barks and high pitched screams of agony. The drums are to the point and vary from either a very fast straight blast a.k.a. “the Suffo-Blast” and the simple 1-2-1-2 grind beat (snare kick-drum snare kick-drum, with the occasional cymbal stabs and drum fills). The guitars are your typical old school heavy grind-power-chords that are just perfect for what Disturbance Project are trying to accomplish. These grinders from Madrid, Spain are a straight-to-the-point, pulverizing old-school grindcore that do not disappoint.


Delete The MassΜάζα

The distress of this album’s intro just gives you that tense feeling that something is about to explode. Well, guess what? It does explode. Right into some delightful death grind. These grinders remind me of a band named P.O.O.R. from Ventura, Califronia. Delete The Mass’s vocals and drumming are what really draw me in. The vocals switch around from high-pitched shrieks to lower punk growls and the drums (normally tight-mixing D-beat and the most pummeling blast beats imaginable) are just so frantic. As a drummer, listening to George Christoforidis is a real treat.



Woo! That is all.

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