Dirty Machine – Discord: A Video Breakdown


Dirty Little Nu-Metallers.

I tried to warn you. I’ve been saying for months, even years that nu metal was coming back. Sometimes it was just the music. Other times it was mostly the gimmicks. Occasionally, it was both. You may have hoped or wished or prayed to whatever deity you prefer that this was all a coincidence. Just outliers in the metal world before we get back to the 20th thrash revival or post-whatever. You were wrong. Nu-metal is here and it is alive and it is coming for you. The band name that doesn’t really make sense. The super aggro in-your-face lyrics. The basic riffs. The masks. The DJs.  The rapping. Say hello to Dirty Machine.

0:04: I know it sounds like a joke, but this band is signed to Motograter’s drummer’s label.
0:12: Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiitttttt!
0:16: It must be hard to drum when you look like an extra from Death Race 2000.
0:21: They’re like Hollywood Undead, but without the fans or platinum and gold records.
0:25: Since I’m (and by extension, everyone else watching the video) is a liar, then I’d just like to say that Dirty Machine doesn’t look ridiculous. At all.
0:36: Their neck pain must be extraordinary.
0:40: Why does he have a hat and a hood on? Is he chilly? Does he needs some hot cocoa?
0:44: Yes, please give up a close-up of your 5:30 shadow.
0:51: Those clean vocals were…unexpected.
1:01: They’re not bad or anything, they’re just out of place.
1:07: There’s an energy drink company executive absolutely jizzing himself trying to get these guys an endorsement deal.
1:13: I can practically see the motocross and BMX riders now.
1:19: Dirty Machine: Coming to a Warped Tour side stage near you.
1:24: I mean, once they’re done opening for Corey freaking Feldman, of course.
1:30: I’m happy to report that, yes, each band member has a nickname.
1:33: David Leach aka (Dirty Davo) – Vocals
1:37: Arnold Quezada (Hedge) – Guitar
1:40: Darren Davis – Guitar/Vocals
1:42: Nathan Young (Youngblood) – Bass
1:45: Mike Weekley (Nightmare) – Drums
1:49: DJ Ecusa – Turntables & Samples
1:53: Darren Davis – Guitar/Vocals
1:57: Poor Darren. I guess he doesn’t get a nickname.
2:01: He’s like Tim from Ghost Bath.
2:05: I’m sure the Kansas City Royals are thrilled to be associated with Dirty Machine.
2:17: Those fingerless gloves really help keep his palms warm.
2:26: I wish their hands also had masks.
2:33: This song is perfect for a wrestler just starting out in NXT, WWE’s developmental organization.
2:38: On drums, the Predator’s brother, Fred.
2:45: That’s right. Fredator is on the drums.
2:52: That’s not how you play the bass!
2:58: “You brought this on yourself.” I feel like he’s talking directly to us.
3:11: I’m really blown away that a new band has a DJ in 2017.
3:16: I mean, they do know that laptops exist, right?
3:20: Guess you don’t want to upset all those wikky-wikky purists out there.
3:27: They never addressed why the machine is so dirty. I guess we’ll never know.

Dirty Machine album Discord is out on May 26th via Zombie Shark Records.

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