Unstoppable Force – The Art Of Burning Bridges: A Video Breakdown


Disclaimer: No bridges were harmed in the making of this video.

Unstoppable Force are a bunch of wacky fellows from Orange County, California. According to their bio, they started as a Slayer cover band. Now they play originals and have a wacky stage show complete with inflatables, costumes, and, according to their new music video, a dildo that looks like it can double as a sledgehammer. Ha-ha-larious. Set your faces to fun and lets break it down… the video, not the sledgehammer dildo. That can’t be broken down by natural means.



“Get off the stage you fucking clow.. hey!”


Fence Of Injury.


That’s a perfectly natural reaction to eating at Sonic.


Demons begone!


These “Eyes Wide Shut” parties aren’t as good as the movie portrayed.


The Lollipop Guild got real weird after Dorothy left.


Ripster from Streets Sharks seems pretty into it.


The next time you run into someone from high school and they ask what you’re doing, show them this.


It’s about time we got the Obscene Extreme Festival here in the US.


Unstoppable Force’s album¬†Momentum is available now on Bandcamp.

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