DISCHARGE is Coming to a Walmart Near You!


In a turn so absurd that I can scarcely believe it myself, anarchist punk legends Discharge appear to have official merch available for sale via Earth-destroying corporate behemoth Walmart.

You don’t believe me. I don’t blame you. How could the same band that wrote the lyrics “I won’t subscribe to the system” allow their merch to be sold through Walmart, the official retailer of The System? I dunno, but it happened.

discharge walmart


Rockabilia, venerable Internet merch source, appears to have inked a deal with the Bentonville, Arkansas-based global mega-retailer to hawk their wares through Walmart’s virtual warehouse. The result? These Things That Should Not Be. You can now purchase bags of charcoal, Funyuns, and your favorite punk records all in one convenient location.

walmart punk records

Walmart, like all brick and mortar retailers, is currently getting their dick stomped in as consumers choose to spend a greater share of their hard-earned dollars online. It only makes sense that Walmart would expand their long-tail strategy by targeting aged punks and metalheads with their online presence. The only casualty here is ideology, a long foregone conclusion, as the current era of capitalism slowly marches to a watery grave.

Besides, it’s not like Discharge wouldn’t try to sell-out on their own.

h/t to my good buddy Christkiller Rodriguez

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