Last chance to get Toilet ov Hell merch


Ya gotta order now or these designs are gone forever.

Here’s the thing, folks. You order these delightful t-shirts, Represent will press them and ship them immediately, your significant other will get the shirt in time for Xmas, and I’ll get a little bit of money that I will then immediately use to pay off some of my dog’s crippling veterinary bills. Pretty sweet deal, right? ONE CAVEAT!

If you wanna get in on these goods, you gotta do it now. There are just a few hours remaining before these shirt campaigns end and if you miss out you’re gonna be shit outta luck. So do it now! Give in to your basest consumer urges and get a badass Toilet ov Hell t-shirt.

Get the OG tshirt and hoodie here

Get the Angery Black Metal Guy shirt here.

Do it or rue it, my friends. And, uh, infernal 666 hails for your support, y’know?

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