Disco is life: Diablo Swing Orchestra’s “Jigsaw Hustle”


Here it is. The moment 4-5 of you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

From what I’ve read ’round these parts it seems like Diablo Swing Orchestra‘s 2012 outing, Pandora’s Piñata, was a favorite for some of you. Me too, guys. In the genre’s current state, it’s not easy for a metal band to go out and do something that sounds completely different without also doing something that sounds completely ridiculous. Diablo Swing Orchestra do not care. Though, calling DSO a metal band would be like calling something made up of a lot parts only one of those parts (I’ll take that Pultizer now). The Swedish octet are just as much classical, jazz, opera, Latin swing, samba and whatever-the-hell-they-feel-like-today as they are metal. On paper, it sounds ridiculous. In music, it also sounds ridiculous.

Now apparently they’ve all got disco fever. Check out “Jigsaw Hustle.”

Newcomer Kristin Evegård clearly has a different singing style, meaning she’s not powerblasting operatic vibrato like former singer Annlouice Loegdlund, who recently left the band to focus on her opera career because even music from the sixteenth century is more lucrative than metal. She’s got a nice, poppy voice and it’s likely to be more accessible, but I do find myself missing Annlouice’s classical skill. I’ve always enjoyed when guitarist Daniel Håkansson pitches in in the vocal department, too. I wonder why he’s being so quiet.

But I dug it. Like every Diablo Swing Orchestra song, it made me wish I was coordinated enough to dance or some shit. At least I can windmill.

From what I can find, there’s no word on whether this single signifies an upcoming album or if it’s just a way for them to show off their new “mojo, delight and energy” (their words, not mine). We’ll keep you posted.

Disco is life

Perhaps the most criminally underrated film of our era.

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