Riotous Indignation – The End: A Video Breakdown


Who needs words when gifs speak volumes?

Chicago’s Riotous Indignation are a metalloic hardcore band somewhere in the neighborhood of Subzero meets Pro-Pain with some shredding guitar thrown in for good measure. They have only been around about a year, so there isn’t all that much to say about them other than I probably can’t say their name five times fast. It’s just nice to see that newer bands are still making this type of music and it’s not all generic metalcore or deathcore.

The band recently released a video for their song “The End”.  Normally, for these video breakdowns, I give time-stamps in the video and give funny comments. This time around, I think it’s best to just grab some gifs straight from the video. Nothing I can say can do it justice. You may be totally shocked to learn that everything for the video was done “in-house”. Still, it’s better than their other video. Yeeesh.

Riotous Indignation’s EP Violentus Musicae is available now.

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