ECHOES – The gods were astronauts: A Video Breakdown


Tell me all your thoughts on God.
‘Cause I’d really like to meet her.

ECHOES is a “True Brazilian Raw Black Metal” band. I’m going to be honest with you guys: I have no idea if this is a joke or not. There’s a fine line between genius and insanity and that line may have been utterly erased with this music video. I’m going to lean more towards the latter based on these pictures from their Facebook page. You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts.



Suddenly, Plan 9 From Outer Space doesn’t look so bad.


Say hello to Uncle Probey.


Broke: Calling your shows “Rituals”
Woke: Calling your shows “Abductions”


The inner-workings of Matt Pike’s mind.


It’s like Joe Rogan telling you the story of Scientology while high on peyote and bull semen.


And that bull semen was mixed with LSD and Alex Jones titty sweat.


This is what happens when you don’t Cum 2 Brazil.


“I have to go now. My planet needs me.”


Scene guest written by Varg Vikernes and the Ancient Aliens guy.


Fucking WHAT?!


You can get more ECHOES via their website.

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