Riff of the Week: 7/9/2016


Greetings, nerds!

Last week, Tyree reminded us how he got the title of grindprophet and took the gold home for the Grind Riff of the Week.

This week, we’re just doin’ riffs. Nothing specific; just riffs.

Next week, however, will be specific. Because we haven’t done this for a while, and I need to brush up on riffs from this year, we will only be accepting riffs from songs released this year, the year of our lord 2016.

Get ready to shake your booties now.



Preeeeetttttyyyy evil if you ask me fam. 0:00.



LIKE RIFF AT 0:35!!!!!!


Tertius Decimus

Continuo Renacer doesn’t get deserved attention. This Basque-land based band plays fretless bass-heavy technical death metal. The riff starts at 7:45.



After the strange and terrible place RotW took us last week, I’m sorta glad it’s a free for all this week. Because you know it’s gonna be POWER. This is shaping up to be a sure-fire Top 5 of the year for me. While it doesn’t serve up the emotional impact that Judicator’s breakthrough did last year, you can’t deny that Scythia’s Lineage brings the epic and brings the riffage. The main chugging riff throughout the tune accompanies an excellent chorus that you want to sing along to at the top of your lungs, but it’s the power chords that hit at 0:55 and repeat regularly that make you bang yer head. Enjoy.



Dubya posted a live video of these guys on the FB group and I was blown away. This album is incredible. This riff is no exception. The way their orthodox-styled chanting and singing permeates their crushing atmosphere creates this bleak, somber soundscape is second to none. These guys are just on another level. Poland is quickly becoming France Junior in terms of churning out spectacular, extreme metal bands. 4:40.



While I wait for more news about the upcoming Inferno album, I’ve been listening to Ondskapt to tide me over. This track manoeuvres with a powerful and deliberate serpentine poise. The build-up from around the one minute mark is the ominous coil forming prior to the fatal strike @ 1:33. Rapidly the venom sets in. By the fourth minute, your mind is frantically questing for any sort of release. It comes only in the form of swift death.


Ted Nü-Djent

Simon Phoenix has already called the new Deathstorm a contender for thrash album of the year and with good cause,it bangs. But one riff that really caught my ear when giving it a spin was one of the few slower riffs on the album. Check the riff at 0.53, returning again at 1.40 and once again at 3.50



Steel guitar blues riffs pretty much start from the get go on this one, but the big one starts around the 4:10 mark.



The riff happens at 0:53. That bass-heavy groove has been stomping my ass since 1999.



Sadness. Longing. Saudade. Inevitability. Hail death. Celestial Grave. Riff @ 2:10.


Boss the Ross

It was late in the week when I submitted this, not 100% sure it was going to make it but if you are reading this then it did. As a last minute effort I present to you Sewercide. You may have noticed my dungeon synth kick, but I have been integrating this album into the mix whenever possible. Riff segment at 1:15-1:44 SLAYS!


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