Ex-Absu guitarist comes out as trans, calls GOP policy “An Attempt to Exterminate”


Her statement concludes with, “Sex, Drinks and Metal for life!!! 666” which kicks major ass.

You may not be familiar with the name Melissa Moore but you know her work. Under the moniker Vis Crom, she played guitar in Texas black metal heavyweights Absu for several years, including on 2011’s Abzu. She also handles guitar and vocal duties in criminally underrated crossover band Rumplestiltskin Grinder. Earlier today she made a statement on Facebook in support of trans rights and against this regressive Republican administration.

On Sunday morning, news came that the Trump White House intended to take discriminatory action against the nation’s 1.4 million transgender Americans. The administration plans to narrowly define gender as defined by your genitalia at birth, yet another move in a series of targeted harassment against an already vulnerable population. But Melissa Moore doesn’t plan to take this abuse lying down.

Moore calls this move “a literal inquisition against trans people” and “an attempt to exterminate”. Given shockingly high rates of violence against trans people, this doesn’t seem like a stretch. She asks all her heavy metal brothers and sisters to “NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN SCUM” which is a demand I will always back 100%.

Early voting has already begun for midterm elections. Literally no one will tell you that voting for Democrats will fix the myriad problems facing the United States but it will at least take some power out of the hands of violent authoritarians. So it’s a start, at least. Kudos to Melissa for coming forward with a call to action. Let’s listen to Rumplestiltskin Grinder and support the shit out of each other.

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