So…This Exists: Violent Magic Orchestra


An abrasive collaboration between members of Vampillia, Outrenoir and, among others, Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar. Check out their new NSFW video after the jump. 

Following the Whatever Metal band Vampillia on facebook is a largely fruitless endeavor if you cannot read Japanese. Which I cannot. Pretty much all of their posts are written in their native alphabet. And since the “translate” function is little more than a portal unto fiendish dimensions of Burroughs-esque cut/collage salad, I never really know what in the holy fuck is going on with this band. Are they touring? Writing a new album? Collating their clusterfuck of a bandcamp presence so that it is actually possible to download one of their albums in fewer than 37 clicks? No idea.

So it was a bit of a trip today to discover a decipherable post from the band in the form of a video for their new project with electronic artist Paul Régimbeau of Outrenoir and noisenik Pete Swanson (ex-Yellow Swans). The project is called Violent Magic Orchestra — which very aptly describes the music produced by the collaborative. The video is for the song “Divorcer”, from the band’s upcoming debut, Catastrophic Anonymous. It is morbid and hypnotic and probably NSFW unless you happen to work in a slaughterhouse or on the set of some gore-porn film.

I’ll allow the video (below) to speak for itself — except to say that if your skull-fetish bears any resemblance to mine, you will not be able to stop watching it. Musically, “Divorcer” is a two-minute seizure of black industrial glory. A pants-shitting blast of hateful insomniac noise. The track sounds like something right out of Mories’s (Gnaw Their Tongues) wheelehouse, yet it is somehow more violent and confrontational — and more danceable. If I had not already spilled the beans, you would never guess that Vampillia, purveyors of maximal heavy beauty, were involved in the genesis of such filth. But they are. And because I have little regard for my own sanity, I dig it.


Catastrophic Anonymous comes out December 2, 2016 on Throatruiner Records. Stream another track here.


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