Between the Buried and Me Release New Single, “Memory Palace”


Why are you reading this little intro? You read the title, and that tells you everything you need to know. Click to read the rest. Seriously, stop reading. Just cl—stop reading. I am not kidding, the title says everything, there aren’t any surprises here. Stop reading this.

We love to bring the filthy, kvlty, and krvsty here at the Toilet, but as long as I’m around, we’re going to listen to some Between the Buried and Me. I don’t think any band balances progressive ideals and metal aggression quite like they do, and their peerless efforts are clearly continuing by the sounds of the new single, streaming over at Metal Blade Records and downloadable on iTunes.

I like to think that I’m able to listen to music from bands I like with fresh ears, and not let my firm fanboy status cloud my judgment. I’m not sure if I’m succeeding or not here, but this song is incredible. Tommy Rogers immediately stands out, displaying a fantastic range in his vocal approach. The first thing you’ll notice is that there is distinctly more singing than screaming, as Rogers discussed in an interview with Revolver. However, there isn’t a single vocal decision that sounds out of place, forced, or like it should be something else. His approaches are widely varied, from eccentric, character-like singing, to soulful serenading, to his trademark growl, and everything in between.

Instrumentally, the rest of the band is in top shape. Their progression as a group is undeniable; every single note is crystal clear while disparate sections flow together perfectly. Dan Briggs continues his reign as the king of prog metal bass, laying down lines that never sit still but never intrude on what you’re supposed to be listening to, while the guitar work grooves hard through various tonal flavorings. I expected nothing less of Between the Buried and Me, yet they still blew me away. I smell a top spot on my year-end list. Preorder the new album now, check out the track listing below, and someone please check on me in a few hours to make sure I haven’t atrophied with this song on repeat.

  1. Node – 3:31
  2. The Coma Machine – 7:35
  3. Dim Ignition – 2:16
  4. Famine Wolf – 6:50
  5. King Redeem / Queen Serene – 6:58
  6. Turn on the Darkness – 8:26
  7. The Ectopic Stroll – 7:02
  8. Rapid Calm – 7:59
  9. Memory Palace – 9:54
  10. Option Oblivion – 4:22
  11. Life in Velvet – 3:38

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