Exclusive Track Premiere: Vlk – “Of Wolves’ Blood”


We’re pleased as punch to bring you an exclusive stream of woodsy black metal that absolutely rips! After two demos and a whole lot of anticipation, Illinois pagans Vlk are ready to unleash Of Wolves’ Blood. Get in here to hear the title track before anyone else!

Vlk have been active as a duo since at least 2012, with the two-pronged attack of J.S. on drums and synth and R.B. on guitars, bass, and vocals crafting meticulous, thoughtful black metal in the vein of Velnias or Horn. The duo’s 2013 EP, Unknown Totems, was well-received, but the band promises to outdo all of their previous efforts on Of Wolves’ Blood. I’ve gotten to listen to the whole thing, and it has everything you crave in a folksy black metal album; there are scorching leads, spirited riffs, and primal vocals invoking the names of ancient gods. Simply put, this album is a delight sure to appeal to almost everyone here in the Toilet.

A big advantage of this album over the previous EP and demos is the inclusion of V.D. (otherwise known as Ascaris from Ævangelist) from the aforementioned Velnias on bass. Her nimble fretwork provides a solid anchor that allows the leads in our exclusive track, “Of Wolves’ Blood,” to really soar. Don’t believe me? Check out the simmering, shimmering solo at about 2:23. If that jaunty riff and fiery lead don’t make you want to grab your nearest enemy and flay him or her in the ancient blood eagle ritual, then there’s simply just no hope for you.

The other major draw to Vlk is J.S.’s unimpeachable drumming. The energy never drops as J.S. beats his skins with a manic, d-beat influenced assault. As Ascaris puts it, Vlk plays black metal with a post-punk heritage without any of that post-black posturing. No frills, just killer metal.

If you want to hear another track from the upcoming release, check out “Call of the West” and its wintry fury over at Invisible OrangesOf Wolves’ Blood drops March 21st (that’s next week for those of you in a spring break state of mind) on cassette via Tour de Garde. You can also hear “With Banners Raised” (and keep track of the full digital release) over at NCS. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pay Vlk a visit on Facebook and tell them Toilet says, “Thanks for the righteous tunes.”


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