Flush it Friday: Do Your Part


Flush it Friday. It’s time to let it all out in the comments.

Everything is a shit show. The world is filled with fuckin’ nationalist psychopaths and craven media hogs happy to rile them up into violence. And of course we can’t forget the legion of politicians quick to condemn violence but quite pleased to legislate brutality through the strong arm of the state. It’s easy and quite understandable to feel hopeless and helpless. Just remember there are always more of us than there are of them. That’s all I can hold on to some days. Be good to each other and a real mean bastard to fascists.

On a lighter note, here are some of the week’s highlights:

We’re coming up on the final showdown. Choose your champion to represent your tribe now.

Album Art ov the Century Tournament: Preliminary Finals

What’s better than a video breakdown?

Alcoholika La Christo – Cenizas: A Video Breakdown

Motherfucking TWO video breakdowns.

Viscera/// – Spirit of ’86: A Video Breakdown

This week’s podcast is insanely entertaining so do not sleep on it.

Toilet Radio 172: Last Place for the Master Race

We made Joaquin listen to the five worst reviewed doom albums on RYM. He stayed awake long enough to review them.

Reviewing the 5 Worst Rated Doom Albums

According to Facebook, Lacertilian is, “Sinmara’s #1 top fan and good boy”. To celebrate this achievement, read his review of their latest.

Review: Sinmara Orchestrate The Black On Stellar Sophomore

Alright, I gotta go drown in work. BRB.

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