Exclusive Video Premiere: Illimitable Dolor – Abandoned Cuts of River


Hitch a ride on the feels train with a new video from Illimitable Dolor‘s majestic, plaintive new self-titled funeral doom eulogy.

Funeral doom vets may not be familiar with the name Illimitable Dolor, but the combined pedigree of the players involved is enough to make any sadboi blush. You see, Illimitable Dolor is legendary Australian act The Slow Death risen from the ashes to pay tribute to their dearly departed band member Gregg Williamson. The name may be different, but the painstakingly crafted, emotionally charged tunes will be instantly familiar.

And what a tribute this album is! Across the four ponderous, pensive tracks, Prickett, Garcia, and McLaughlin chisel and hammer away a magnificent monument to the departed, one that shines with depth, earnestness, and vulnerability. Today, it is my distinct pleasure to bring to you Illimitable Dolor’s lyric video for “Abandoned Cuts of River,” a thoughtful, even glorious paean replete with lush keys, harmonized growls and choral effects, and massive riffs. It almost feels wrong to headbang to such a work of loss and sorrow, yet the riffs compel.

I’m usually quite critical of music videos, and lyric videos even moreso, but “Abandoned Cuts of River” is a special case. The lyrics are abstract bursts of wrought grief that demand deeper investigation, and their excellent pairing with a somber, autumnal journey certainly captures the grey tone of the music itself. Moreover, the visuals remind me of fond memories of side-scrolling adventure games like Limbo or Badlands or Abe’s Odyssey, evoking a painful twinge of nostalgia and determination. It’s a winning combination.

If you like what you see and hear, you can check out one other track from Illimitable Dolor on Bandcamp. Rest assured, “Comet Dies or Shrines” hits just as hard as “Abandoned Cuts of River,” dealing equally in menace and heartache. Illimitable Dolor drops March 22nd via Transcending Obscurity. 

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