Premiere: Feral – “Stygian Void”


Midway along the journey of my life, I woke to find myself in a dark wood, for I had wandered onto the path of mediocre HM2-worship. Just when I was ready to abandon all hope for quality death metal releases, Feral emerged from the forest and led me through the “Stygian Void” with this exclusive track premiere.

Feral wear their Swedeath hearts (and the viscera of victims) on their sleeves, reveling in the “buzzsaw” tone without letting the pedal define them. Beginning with a curt drum fill, the song entangles listeners in a tremolo riff that approaches tech death in its winding, long-form style. A smooth transition from the chaos into punky thrash showcases the band’s ability to write dynamic songs with only a handful of ingredients (that’s “meat and potatoes” for you prog nerds out there).

At a lean four minutes, there’s little in the way of breathing room. The song is decidedly OSDM in style with blunt, violent and regressive sounds at its core. That’s not to say there’s no showmanship on display; Roger Markström’s drumming shines through the crunch with an impressive array of cymbal fills and rhythms. There’s even a wilting flower of a guitar solo towards the track’s end, but it’s over in seconds—nothing survives for long in this sulfurous soil. With “Stygian Void,” Feral aren’t looking to reinvent the axe. They’re here to sharpen its blade to a cruel edge.

Flesh for Funerals Eternal is out December 30th. You can pre-order it here from Transcending Obscurity and connect with the band on Facebook.

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