SRiHKAL 2017: Short Releases I Have Known And Loved (Part One)


All the EP’s, demos, and other short releases from 2017 you need to hear right now.

Around this time for the past couple of years, I’ve ran a series highlighting some of my favourite short releases that I found particularly intoxicating throughout past year. The format was loosely based on the chemical cookbooks of Alexander Shulgin (TiHKAL & PiHKAL), because in the modern age dominated by the imposition of neo-conservatism, draconian drug laws mean the only legal way to experiment with anything fresh is through music. As always, adjust your dose based on your age, weight, tolerance, and fingernail length.


IUPAC Name: Gnosis Primordial 

Class: Psychotropic

Synthesis: On January 27th four archaeologists digging around the base of the El Cerrito (Querétaro, Mexico) unearthed what is believed to be an ancient Toltec weapon, which had been ritually coated in a blood-like substance. Due to a remarkably effective preservation technique, some psychotropic stimulant compounds with mild hallucinatory effects were isolated from the petrified plasma. The current hypothesis relating to their origins are that they were obtained from a plant taxa which was posited to have been ingested prior to battle, unfortunately the genera is seemingly no longer extant in the region.

Dosage: 5 grams.

Duration: 23 minutes.

Symptoms: Mental stimulation, closed-eye visuals, muscle cramping.

Similar Compounds: Morbus Chron, Venenum, Necrovation.


IUPAC Name: Зарђала Круна 

Class: Barbiturate

Synthesis: After taking up residence in Edinburgh, a former New Zealand scientist working with isomers of Barshasketh and Belliciste found that when these molecules were exposed to increased atmospheric pressure and gradually chilled towards their triple point interesting properties emerged quite unlike the other compounds.

Dosage: 1ml.

Duration: 32 minutes.

Symptoms: Anxiolytic effects, reduced heart-rate, potential melancholia.

Similar Compounds: Evilfeast, Saor, Paysage d’Hiver.


IUPAC Name: Replinishment Circle 

Class: Stimulant

Synthesis: Thought to have originated in an underground laboratory in Belgrade, Serbia, this highly volatile chemical readily binds to the brainstem upon ingestion and rapidly intoxicates the user. First symptoms include profuse sweating and salivation, leading to uncontrollable rage, clenched fists, and in more severe cases, frothing at the mouth shortly prior to death.

Dosage: 4 mg.

Duration: 12 minutes.

Symptoms: Increased heart-rate, sweating, aggression.

Similar Compounds: Throaat, Bathory, Aura Noir.


IUPAC Name: I Blodets Kamp​.​.​. 

Class: Depressant

Synthesis: Named after the obscure Swedish cave system from which it was obtained in mid-March 2017, not much is known of this compound other than its relative potency compared to other locally derived analogues. Thought to have potential for countering the symptoms of extreme heat exposure in low doses, more testing needs to be done to reduce the remarkable efficacy for this type of medical application.

Dosage: 2 mg.

Duration: 23 minutes.

Symptoms:  Horripilation, hypothermia, societal withdrawal.

Similar Compounds: Grifteskymfning, Hädanfärd, Grav.

Cosmic Void Ritual

IUPAC Name: Gateways Through Septic Flesh/Transcendence Through Galactic Death 

Class: Substituted Tryptamine

Synthesis: As yet unassayed compound obtained from a binding site on an amino acid substrate within meteorite fragments fallen in an undisclosed region of the United States between June 7th and July 3rd 2017.

Dosage: 5 mg/kg of body weight.

Duration: 23 minutes.

Symptoms: Physical incoordination, rapid eye movement, abnormal thought patterns/dysregulation.

Similar Compounds: Tomb Mold, Cadaveric Fumes, Nucleus.


IUPAC Name: Untitled 

Class: Hallucinogen

Synthesis: [redacted]

Dosage: 1 µg .

Duration: 22 minutes.

Symptoms: Severe anxiety, Psychosis, Open-eye visuals.

Similar Compounds: N/A.

SRiHKAL 2016:

Part One – Spectral Apparition (Cavernous Black/Death), Úir (Moss Metal), Shrine Of Insanabilis (Black Metal)

Part Two – Martröð (Exp. Black/Death), Acherontas/Slidhr (Black/Death), Witte Wieven (Atmospheric/Psych) 

SRiHKAL 2015:

Part One – Throaat (Black Thrash), Instrumental (adj.) (Exp. Math-Prog), Watchtower (Doom), Erruant (Exp. Black)

Part Two – Atlas Entity (Tech-Death, Barghest (Black Doom), Skunk (Stoner), Vacivus (Death)

Part Three – Besieged (Thrash/Death), Cryptic Hymn (Melo-Death), Deep Space Destructors (Psych), Bastardizer (Black Thrash)

Part Four – A Diadem Of Dead Stars (Atmospheric), Expander (HC/PV), Barús (Exp. Prog/Death), Predatory Light (Psych Black)

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