Toilet Radio 348 – Takin’ a News Dump


This week: Breno is out due to plague. Jordo and Joe are discussing the news, including: Danish CINEMA! Dead racists! Lymphatic drainage massage footage! The cherry pie guy eats cherry pie! Bruce Dickinson on the physics-defying powers of plywood! WHO ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WRITE FOR BLABBERMOUTH????? Ted Nugent is NOT MAD, LAUGHING ACTUALLY that the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame won’t return his phone calls! ROCKERS respond to the death of Betty White! RATT gets the runaround (round and round)! Wino: Vaccines? D-d-d-d-don’t do it! Metallica is very popular! Killswitch ENGAGES in dialogue and civil discussion! Don’t worry, Breno is back next week.

Music featured on this show:
Cara NeirAl Bacio

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