Premiere: Takafumi Matsubara’s ‘Ice Pick’ Is The Sharpest Tool In The Shed


Gridlink‘d grind for your Monday morn.

Last week on the Riff-Raff Podcast, we kicked things off with one of the most dick-ripping grind tracks of the year, and today we’re being gifted with the latest from Takafumi Matsubara‘s (Gridlink, Mortalized) upcoming album Strange, Beautiful And Fast. As we mentioned on the show, the record is a veritable who’s who of grind/noise. Similar to that Stench Price joint from last year, the album features an absolutely insane number of guests who’ve all come together over 4 years of work to pay tribute to one of Takafumi Matsubara’s fallen friends, Hee Chung (Unholy Grave).

Strange, Beautiful And Fast features 17 tracks of spasmodic blasting and visceral string abrasion. It includes appearances from members of:

The track we’re premiering today, titled “Ice Pick,” features Kenta Nakanishi (drums) and Toshihiko Takahashi (vocals) from PALM. We’ve got both the Bandcamp and YouTube versions down below for you to blow out your damn ears with, and once you’re done there, make sure you check out the other two tracks embedded at the very bottom so you can make maximum use of that adrenaline hit pulsing through your veins.

Pre-order Strange, Beautiful And Fast ready for its September 20th release
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