Flush it Friday: Gojira is Coming to a Demolition Derby Near You


It’s Friday afternoon and your favorite band just went full-on hard rawk.

I’ve never been a Gojira fan, but I’m well aware that they hold an esteemed place of in the world of metal. For twenty years, the brothers Duplantier & co. have been writing and touring relentlessly, earning plaudits from fans and critics alike. Their success has been well-deserved and a testament to talent and tenacity. And now? Now it’s time to make some fuckin’ $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Brand new track “Stranded” presents a bold new vision for Gojira that may just see the band headlining Rocklahoma in the near future (just underneath Disturbed). It’s the smartest move they could have made. As we all know, there’s no money to be made in metal. By crossing over to a radio rock sound, Gojira have an opportunity to appeal to a huge audience with cash to spend on CDs and Rockstar energy drinks.

Aside from a neat little Whammy pedal lick, there’s not a whole lot to differentiate “Stranded” from your garden variety Godsmack tune. Just close your eyes and imagine the chorus being sung by Sully Erna or your choice of some barb wire-tattooed radio rock frontman. It’s a natural fit, and one that I predict will win a ton of new fans for the band. Congratulations to Gojira for making the next upward move in their career. May the BDubs Bro cash come flooding in.

“Stranded” is from Magma, out June 17th on some label that doesn’t give a fuck about TovH. Based on the reactions of my esteemed colleague Dubya, a huge Gojira fan, “Stranded” may very well earn a spot on the next collection of Songs that Ruined Everything.


This is Flush it Friday. The comments below are open for you to share your success stories and vent your frustrations.

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