Flush it Friday: Finn Bear Edition


Friday is upon us once more, praise be Jeebus

You know the deal, give us your good, bad and ugly. Or don’t, your choice man.

GOOD: I finally got into Faarao Pirttikangas. By all logic, it should have happened years ago but never really did until now. Traces of Faarao’s older band’s, Cosmo Jones Beat Machine’s forestblues/swamprock combo join hands with zydeco- and cajun -influences, balkan- and arabic -sounds. The outcome is as much a more robust and shaky version of Tuomari Nurmio’s albums with Spuget as it if of Tom Waits with his trashcan percussions shaking hands with Beefheart.

BAD: Scott Walker passed away a week ago. At age 76 it can’t rightly be said that it was entirely unexpected, but a sad occasion all the same to lose such a titan of avant-garde.

UGLY: The result of this godforsaken farce. Y’all some terrible people.

And The Album Art ov the Century is…

But hey, here’s some highlight from past week, which included…

A five-out-of-five review from Joakim Gonzalo Pedro Stick y Merino

Review: Moon Tooth – CRUX

A short-story by the vocalist of Bosse-de-Nage

Give Me Something to Read: “Blear” by Bryan Manning

More dramatic readings

Toilet Radio 174: All Horna’d Up

And your last chance to grab Kevin “Lindsey” Hufnagel’s solo.discography free of charge, you cheapskate

Free Discography Detector: Kevin Hufnagel

Anyways, the floor is yours.

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