Flush it Friday: RIP Tommy


My friends, I must inform you today of the RIP of a real one. While helping out a customer (ONLINE, DUH…I’M NOT ONE OF THESE SPRING-BREAKING TURDS), a peculiar issue was brought to my attention: two debit cards had been requested, one for an accountholder at a bank and one for her spouse, Tommy. WAIT. His name is John. Tommy is the name of the accountholder’s dog. Tommy is also dead. He died last year. So, in summation, this customer ordered a debit card for herself and accidentally, her dead dog. Tommy, you fucking legend, here’s to you. You remain on the tip of our tongues even in death. The world will never know one such as you again. Oh also… here are some living legends, and the metal they bring you in these most dire circumstances:

Snooty spent a moment in the aether…and actually found it to be quite comfortable:

Velnias: a Moment in the Aether

IGoM hit my F-Spot with this siqq hardcore writeup:

Putting Flatspot under the Spotlight: Rapid Reviews of Flatspot Records’ Recent Releases

BMP gave us a synopsis of the Earth Crisis. Not the current one, the one from 25 years ago, dingbat.

25th Anniversary: Earth Crisis – Destroy the Machines

The Toilet Boiz came together for some diminutive dinners and desserts with this delicious assortment of mini reviews:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (4/2/20)

If anybody actually reads this, please let me know about the most awkward moments you’ve had recently (along with your G/B/Us of course!).

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