Flush It Friday with Mr. Bauer


Ah yes Friday. It doesn’t have the same meaning it used to for me since I work weekends. However, what it does mean is that it’s the weekend and I get to listen to my music at work for 8 hours. Lol did I call it work? It really isn’t, not on weekends anyway. I guess the important thing is that I’m making money that I can later use to pay my bills splurge on Bandcamp. As I write this, LeBron James and the Cavs are falling apart and I’m watching. This is completely irrelevant information, but I don’t care because suck it LeBron! Really I have great respect for the guy as a player, but I hate his image and the way the media covers everything, even what type of milk he uses on his cereal in the morning. He probably doesn’t even Archspire. What a Bum. Let’s do this:

Good: I’ve gone on a few dates with this girl I met online through our mutual love of metal and tinder. She is pretty fuckin cool and I enjoy hanging out with her. It’s still early of course, but we have a lot in common and things are looking good!

Bad: FOX makes a lot of bad decisions. I think we can all agree on this. However THEY DONE FUCKED UP THIS TIME. They are developing episodes of 24 without Jack Bauer. YOU CAN’T HAVE 24 WITHOUT ME YOU MORONS! I AM 24. ANGRY FACE. If you know the CEO of FOX, let me know; I want to show him one of the new features of the interrogation room…

Ugly: My cat is doing this thing lately where he just like, drops poop pellets. I’m not really sure how to describe it, he just walks around like normal and nonchalantly leaves “gifts” around the house. When I come home from work at night I feel like I’m walking through a fecal minefield!

Speaking of cats, this meme lol.  HAHA CAVS LOST! I’ll leave you with my soundtrack to the last few weeks.

It’s an open swim, try not to drown, ‘cuz I sure as hell won’t save you!


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