Flush It Friday: Toilet ov Holidays


It’s just about Christmas here in the States, which is legitimately my favorite time of year. I have the good fortune of having a family that I actually enjoy spending time with, and the holiday season brings us all together in one place. While I’m less a fan of rampant consumerism, I do enjoy giving gifts; with that in mind, drop your Bandcamp wishlists in the comments and spread some love to your fellow Toileteers.

And if you’re unable to give gifts, consider giving your time. Homeless shelters, community tables, and similar organizations are constantly shorthanded, and this time of year is particularly rough for them. Extra hands are always appreciated, and there are always people in need of help.

Anyway, let’s take a look back at some of this week’s highlights:

Rolderathis dropped in on Riff-Raff to talk about some of his favorite tunes of the year:

Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.45] Roldo’s Top 5 Ho(o)test Trax ov 2019

Ben Serna-Grey gave us the lowdown on Miyavi’s uplifting new album:

Review: Miyavi – No Sleep Till Tokyo

Toilet Radio got caught up on some news from earlier this year:

Toilet Radio 220: And Now The Stories You Missed This Year

Karhu rounded up some excellent thrash, much of which I know I missed:

2019 Roundup: Thrash Metal

Enrique from Haunter dropped in to talk about his top 10 albums:

Guest List: Enrique from Haunter’s Top 10 of 2K19

Pat forced Joe to write about this ridiculously sick new Replicant EP:

EP Premiere: Replicant – Hypochondria of the Machine

Also, there were a fuckload of top 10 lists from the writing crew with more to follow next week. Check those out and shitpost into the night.

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