Flush it Friday: The Tech Depths


Ah yes, the Benthic Zone, where every animal looks like Unique Leader album art. It’s a truly bizarre place, one that will compound you into a diamond as quickly as you can say “Pelagic Opisthobranchs.” See that little Reaper-lookin’ ass, Spear’s-daydreams-lookin’ ass critter up there? It’s called a Sea Angel. Only in the ocean is a translucent, predatory gastropod that swallows its prey whole named after an angel. What’s even more brutal than that is they eat only one type of organism, called the Sea Butterflies. Angels that eat butterflies. Whatever you say ocean, just leave me out of it. I’d much prefer these tasty Toilet morsels.

Hans ground our buns with his grindcore puns:

Bump’N’Grind – Grindsight is Always 20-20

Bork is the Key, Krvsade is the gate:

Review: Krvsade – Judgement Day EP

365 got saucy with A Pregnant Light‘s steaming hot hotline:

Call A Pregnant Light’s Hotline Now!

Karhu continued to slack off with his lengthy, in-depth genre roundups:

Doomthousandnineteen: Year-End Roundup (For 2019 – In 2020!)

Friday, thy name is shitpost. Inject your G/B/Us right into my bloodstream.

Header image courtesy of Alexander Semenov

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