Free Metal Detector: Terror Chamber


Mods are asleep, time to post some free as hell death metal.

A few weeks back I went to see the unbelievable live tag team of Full of Hell and Gatecreeper in Ft. Worth (ayy, somewhere that isn’t Deep Ellum and actually has parking…Texas shit, I digress). The bill was rounded out by a handful of local openers, including the Toilet’s favorite sons of skronk Baring Teeth, and a newcomer that really blew me away. Enter the Terror Chamber.

Playing their first ever show, these Lubbock dwelling death deliverers put on a show like seasoned vets, though that will probably come as no surprise when you hear that the band contains members of west Texas hardcore outfit Judiciary. They were tight, energetic, in your face, and had a plethora of groovy riffs. By the time their set ended I had been won over and knew I needed to grab a shirt and some tunes. I was mildly disappointed to see that they only had cassette tapes, as while I find them rad, I still have no way to actually listen to them. My mild disappointment was soon flipped to total elation when I was informed that the band’s debut EP was available on Bandcamp…FOR FREE.

There’s a really great mix of hardcore and Swedeath worship here, with those sweet, stringy harmonies being immediately greeted by a neanderthal stomp that will elevate even the frailest of heartbeats. Throw in some truly fat and thunderous bass and you’ve got something sure to bang even the most discerning of heads. It’s pretty gotdang good lifting music, too.

So what say ye, Toilet folk? As always, while this EP is free, if you can spare a few bucks for these lads you absolutely should.

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