Premiere: Flub Command You to “Rise From Your Grave”


Fuckin’ wizards man, I’m telling you

In case you missed Tech Death Thursday last week, I’m pretty keen on the new Flub album. It blends melodic neoclassical tech death with a unique approach to synths that sounds like nothing else out there, and its myriad influences and hook-laden songs make it an easy listen in spite of its complex song structure and melodies. Moreover, it’s just a ton of fun to listen to. Today, we’re helping them bring you “Rise From Your Grave,” the newest single from their upcoming self-titled album.

As the songs on Flub go, “Rise From Your Grave” is one of its most straightforward and aggressive offerings. The synths appear only briefly, but that lets the rest of the music speak more clearly. Guitars duel in a dance of harmonies and counterpoint, driven by blazing drums and the constant attack of Michael Alvarez’s screams. While it’s more purely tech death than what the album as a whole has to offer, it’s no less entertaining.

Flub (the album) comes out on June 7th. Preorder a copy at Bandcamp or The Artisan Era’s merch store. Be sure to give Flub (the band) a shout out on Facebook as well.

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