Premiere: Cemetery Lust – “Funeral Home Massacre”


Is it still better to be pissed off than pissed on?

Heavy metal and being extremely, offensively gross go together like corn and barbecue sauce (it’s really good, don’t judge me). Sometimes the genres affinity for these types of images leads to…unfortunate results (who could forget the Numenorean debacle from a couple of years ago?). While several lean further towards the offensive end of the spectrum, others are so wholly absurd that they immediately elicit some variation of “what in the hell…” One would assume that a band with a name like Cemetery Lust would deliver on the absurdly gross goodies, and one would be absolutely right. Just check out the (definitely NSFW) art for their newest album, Rotting in Piss.

That…is a whole lot of demon piss. The ridiculous disgust extends well beyond the urine soaked album art and into the lyrics and music itself. If you’ve listened to either of Cemetery Lust’s previous albums, then Rotting in Piss won’t surprise you. It’s the same down and dirty South American styled death / thrash as ever, distilled to it’s purest form yet, a chaotic thunderstorm of lightning fast riffs, divebomb solo madness, and lyrics about Satan’s poop. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that there’s a song about Satan’s poop? It was my favorite song on the album BEFORE I heard the instant classic line “you will take…THE DEVIL’S STOOL.”

Head’s up: This album is best experienced whilst urinating on oneself.

Rotting in Piss is out now on CD and drops digitally on July 20th via Hells Headbangers. You can order the album here and give the band a like of Facebook here.

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