New Music Roundup: Sigh, Sulphur Aeon, Erazor, Ereb Altor, & More!


Would you believe me if I said some new music came out during the past weeks? Because some totally did. Once again, the toilet has gathered the best of it all into one place for your listening pleasure. Listen to these songs then say something in the comments like, “Meh. Nothing special. Thanks for nothing. Fuck you, Masterlord.”

Many of you know that Sigh, the weirdest vaguely-metal band ever, has a new album coming out in May. It will be called Graveward. We have the keen, watchful eye of Celtic Frosty to thank for revealing that one track from the album is now streaming on Candlelight Records’ Bandcamp. If you’re familiar with Sigh, you know what to expect. If you’re not, get ready to shit your brain out of your ears. Their sound defies explanation, especially if that explanation is coming from someone as inarticulate as I am. So just listen to the “Out of the Grave” in all its absurdly offbeat glory and see for yourself. If you like what you hear and don’t want to wait until May for more weirdness, I highly recommend their last album, In Somniphobia.


Everyone likes Sulphur Aeon, right? Remember when good ol’ W. briefly covered  2013’s Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide during our Lovecraft & Heavy Metal series? Does anyone openly dislike those Cthulhu-worshiping death metal hymns? Is that even remotely possible? I say nay, but what do I know? Everything, you say? That’s kind. You’re so kind. Anyways, Sulphur Aeon is about to release their sophomore album, Gateway to the Antisphere. It drops via Imperium Productions and Ván Records on April 3rd, and you can listen to the first single, “Diluvial Ascension – Gateway to the Antisphere” right now. Light some candles, break out your green soapstone idols, and press play. As always, ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn and all that.


Erazor is a German black thrash band whom I consider to be a good German black thrash band. Since I’m pretty sure most of you like kickass riffs well enough, I thought you might be interested in knowing that they’re streaming “Total Might” (from Dust Monuments, released in February) on their official Youtube channel, and that I promise it’s not as dumb as their band name. If you like it, you may be pleased to learn that most of Dust Monuments is up on Youtube unofficially. But you didn’t hear it from me, got it? Or, you can just be a good boy and buy if from somewhere on this jank-ass website.


This is a plug for a local band, but I think you’ll forgive me in a second. When you hear the song. Because it’s good. In “The Other Side of Darkness”, Salt Lake City’s Deathblow provides a straightforward, in-yo-face thrash attack. If you, for some reason, are averse to having straightforward thrash attacks in your face, you may not appreciate this. If your first language is that of the riff, you probably will. The Other Side of Darkness drops on April 1st.


I don’t know a whole lot about Ereb Altor, but I think I remember one of you mentioning that you like them. This is for you, whoever you are. See? I care. Nattramn, the bands fifth full-length album, is set for release on April 24th via Cyclone Empire Records. You can listen to the title track right here, right now. I think I’m digging it. It’s hard for me not to dig something so clearly influenced by Viking-era Bathory and Falkenbach. I’d like to know what the unidentified Ereb Altor fan thinks of it. Come forth.

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