FREE STUFF: Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To Dewar PR’s August 2015 Compilation NAOW!


What’s not to love about 28 free tracks of high quality heavy music?

Dewar PR is a solid company. Since I began writing for A Privada Do Inferno, I’ve only received e-mails containing accurate descriptions of very good bands, which is refreshing. Every now and then they seem to release a compilation of the bands they represent, and this August, the sucessor to To Hell With Nu Metal arrives with a vengeance. It is impossible that you won’t find something to caress your special places – aka your auditive system, perv – while browsing through these songs.

For example, compilation starters Unmothered bring the filthy, bouncy sludge from the get go, including another great showing of their maniac drummer. You can read our overlord’s mini-review of their latest release, U M B R A, by stabbing here. Right after, one-sloth project creatively named Sloth takes over with “Green Sunrise”, a 9 minute trippy-fuzzy opus which boasts a perfect guitar tone. I’m eagerly waiting for the upcoming release Slow As Sh*t. If this track is any indication, it will be a lesson in gear-worshipping doom.

Ex-president darlings Slugdge are also present with their most recent song “Chapter For Transforming Into A Slug”. Other highlights include Death MotifWarground and vod. You can read an in-depth interview with the mastermind behind vod by stabbing right here, or delve into the darkest consequences of their sub-frequency experiment, ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ , by reading its supernatural case briefing here. I highly recommend both of these articles.

Peep the tracklist and start jamming this monster compilation right below:

1. Unmothered – “Magnetar”
2. Sloth – “Green Sunrise”
3. My Own Chaos – “Prisoner of War”
4. Frank’s Enemy – “@nonymous”
5. Cleansing the Damned – “Death”
6. Dunnock – “Clam Beach”
7. Caveat – “Space Weed”
8. Infernal Altar – “Forgotten Tomb”
9. Countless Skies – “Solace”
10. Archaea – “Silhouette”
11. Slugdge – “Chapter for Transforming Into a Slug”
12. Warground – “Vile Contempt for Precious Life”
13. Greenhorn – “Kentucky Boone (Feat. Jon Davis of Conan)”
14. VHS – “Fornicating in the Furniture Store”
15. Obscene Entity – “The Nephilim”
16. Death Motif – “His and Hers”
17. Obsolete – “Seven Years”
18. Deconstructing Sequence – “A Habitable World is Found”
19. vod – “Ikuma”
20. Integral Vortex – “Decadence”
21. Edge of Haze – “Reach”
22. Siegelord – “Gatebreaker”
23. Dismemberment – “Born to Consume”
24. Forestfather – “All Tears to Come”
25. Ghost Horizon – “Writhing”
26. Pravitas – “Jäätelötötterö”
27. Stormland – “Sight of Death”
28. Donkerkamuffel – “Blood for Donko”

Which tracks do you love? Which tracks do you hate? Do you wish a horrible end upon my insignificant life? Let us know in the comments!
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