Spliff ov the Week: 8-29-15


Two levels of dank.

Joe and W. bullied me until I agreed to run a ROTW featuring riffs from songs about weed. So, like, blaze it and stuff.

Last week, Mr. Dagon took home the trophy for out of place riffs with a classic Black Sabbath song. Congratulations, fish god. I have a can of Berkley Powerbait with your name on it.

Next week:

  • I need a regular riff-off to recuperate from this. Send your riff, any riff at all to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, do kindly let me know.

Holy shit this ended up like ROTW 2v2v2v2 why.




Iron Lawnmower: Could there be a more obvious choice? Best song from my go to smoking jam.

Old Metalhead: Yeah, I know. Sweetleaf is about as cliche a song about weed there is. But, it’s the first one many of us ever heard, and Tony Iommi is the riff king.


Ron Deuce: I would really love to hear some new Cephalic Carnage soon but I fear the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is slowing their progress. So while most of you are likely submitting stoner riffs and doomy type stuff, I’m going in the other direction with full blast beats in effect. At 1:00 , it’s time to Kill For Weed, Kill For Weed, Kill For Weed.

Lacertilian: Everyone will submit this riff, but I don’t want to sift through my library and find all the spots filled up already with you bastards that have merely submitted a band with weed/bong/cannabis/high in their name but chosen (a killer) song without weed as the subject. Any riff from this >2 minute beast.


Zeke: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh opening riff uuuuhhhhhhhhhh.

Pipelord: Sometimes it’s cool to smoke to Stoner metal, but sometimes it’s also fun to smoke to an artist like Dying Fetus. The song just jumps down your throat and and is extremely aggressive. Then at 1:23 it slows the fuck down. The other night this song came on while I was smoking a bowl, and it really rustled my jimmy’s.



T-minus whenever it feels right (but specifically at 2:56).



Given how Willie Nelson is made up of about 80% weed, this counts. The main riff is just fuzzy goodness that gets stuck in your head and constantly reminds you “Clutch is a good band.”



I never smoked weed and don’t know any bands other than Cannabis Corpse. But apparently you can’t send that…



The riff in question appears at the very start of the song, emerging like a giant deuce with crushing force, followed by the sweet soaring notes of its release. As one who does not partake in that sweet sweet Mary Jane, any parallels I draw between this riff and taking a big ol’ rip ov the bong, that first initial inhalation of some new mysterious strain, coursing through your mind and awakening new dimensions, are sure to be ineffective.


Ted Nü-Djent

Have decided to abide by the gentlemans agreement and not submit a Cannabis Corpse song and submit a song from left field in the hope that I can attract zero votes 2 weeks in a row. Mötley Crüe‘s ’94 self titled album with Corabi on vocals is my favourite Mötley album. Gone are the cheesy songs about partying and banging chicks (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and the added guitar along with Corabi’s raspy vocals gave the album a heavier feel. There’s also a song about weed on it. Opening riff, about the first 30 seconds.



Is this cheating? I think not. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow. Riff at 0:01. Grind it!

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