Get Your Party Started with the Salsa Rock of Cachicamo con Caspa


Need music to headbang, dance and add some excitement to your awful life? Grab a beer and listen to Cachicamo con Caspa y Leiko, el Perro de la III Dimensión. The party is about to get started.

Ahh… The tropical breeze refreshing your skin is great, isn’t it? Here in these Caribbean countries, we like to party and having fun. Are you worried about tomorrow? Do not worry about that, mi pana, just have a cold beer and crank high octane happy music. Are you broke because you lost your job? That is OK, you will get one tomorrow, amigo, just have a cold beer and crank high octane happy music.

That’s the way of the Latino, forcing himself into a good mood, even in the worst circumstances. To illustrate that spirit, I can cite the name of one of the most renowned figures in the Latin-American music, Celia Cruz, a Cuban singer that never made a sad song because she had the goal of bringing happiness to her fans. We are like that.

The injection of Heavy Metal into our culture has created disparate results. A couple of bands made it into the Worldwide Extreme Music Hall of Fame, and another myriad bands never even got their own epitaphs. I always wonder, why is Latin-American Metal like that?

My hypothesis is the lack of synchronicity between bleak metal narratives and the Latino flame, you know, “El fuego”, that happy spirit that allows us to persevere and conquer our goals, that “tumbao”, that “guaguancó”, that makes us dance in the darker segments of our history. Maybe we are happy people and metal just reminds us our crappy environments?

Started back in 2005 in Venezuela, Cachicamo con Caspa could be the missing link that proves my theory. This Venezuelan behemoth makes a dangerous cocktail with a combination of musicianship, rum, metal and Latin rhythms. The band started as an act of revenge and rebellion after the leader of the band was rejected in Latin American Idol auditions in Caracas with unfair treatment. In the same moment that he left the building, a legend was born, and now our parties are blessed with the excellence of the Cachicamos and their mascot, Leyko, the III Dimension dog.

Commanded by the virtuoso singer DJ Gianko, aided by the talented Yaramí, the Cachicamo con Caspa warriors unleash the dark forces of extreme music and the light side of danceable rhythms to put your bullet belts and spikes to shine with constant hip shaking. They use organ sounds like most raspa canilla bands as a fast melodic substitute for the guitar with avalanches of charrascas and timbales that form a solid rhythmic base that will crush your intestines with a smile.

Popular hits like “Chop Suey”, “Do the Evolution” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” got the Cachicamo treatment. Gianko spits the lyrical lines with so much groove that your pants will fall and your heart will quickly gallop with such Latino sensuality. Heavy hitters “Enter Sandman”, “Creeping Death” and “Walk” melt faces with salsa shredding, while angsty rock fueled “Smells like Teen Spirit” and “Creep” covers can be shared with those awful kids that populate the scenes with their constant whines.

Until this date, the duo has released three albums: Pura Cabilla, Doble Infarto Bailable and Holocausto Tropical Vol. 1, along with a live album entitled En Vivo en Carora. And you can find some cool selected tunes and low resolution live videos, like a good and credible kvlt band.

You don’t need to understand the Cachicamo con Caspa music, because your feet are moving and you are feeling now the urge to dance and you know it. You are now part of the Third Dimension of the Salsa Rock, and you’re trapped with us. Embrace the salsa void and die with a party overdose.

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