Novelists – Voyager: A Video Breakdown


What a novel concept.

Dickens. Austen. Hemingway. Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast Records djentlecore band from France. Yeah, one of these is not like the other. That fact is really driven home when you consider this naked bass solo from the band. I don’t think too many novelists would do that. Hmmm…maybe Hemingway, but that’s a different story.

Check your weedilies, oil your deedilies, and pack some extra chuggity chug chugs. Here’s Novelists‘ new video for the song “Voyager”.

0:01: I had to double check that I had not mixed up the band name and song title because, of course, there’s a prog metal band named Voyager.
0:04: Ewww bugses!
0:06: Mortuary Drape cameo.
0:10: Ummm he was like that when I got here.
0:16: Novelists don’t play around. They go right into the weedilies.
0:21 Nice to see Powder still getting work.
0:24: That kind of dancing needs a name like the “Nae Nae” or “Whip”. How about the “Djork”?
0:27: “Aw, man. I fell on my keys!”
0:33: I’d wager that most fans of this band have no idea what a map is.
0:36: “Ok, now just a few Nutrigrain bars and we’re all set.”
0:43: If you lineup all the members of the band, it looks like the evolution of patchy facial hair.
0:47: Djustin Bieber.
0:48: I apologize for nothing with that previous comment.
0:52: Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way.
0:57: The vocalist has already been pre-approved to join Aversions Crown with those gauges.
1:06: “Trees n shit” metal this is not.
1:09: “…I have no idea where I parked my car.”
1:16: Like sand in the hour glass, so are the diddilies of our lives.
1:22: He has all the flow of a radio being dropped into a bathtub.
1:26: “Guys, we’re going to shoot our video in a warehouse, but don’t worry! It’s a fancy warehouse!”
1:33: Turn this scene into black and white and you’ve got yourself a bedroom black metal album cover.
1:42: This video is all about the tiny orange flags. Get yours today!
1:48: I think the guitarist bouncing away in the background counts as an Easter egg.
1:57: Seriously, the band is in serious need of Beard Completer.
2:04: His locket has a picture of Tosin Abasi in it.
2:09: New Sleep album cover?
2:13: “I wuz heer n now I amz heer.”
2:18: “Abasi give me strength.”
2:23: Blessed chuggities.
2:29: They needed to call the fire department to get him down.
2:38: “Soooo Tosin…you like, seeing anyone and stuff?”
2:48: Now is the finger-pointing part of the song.
2:52: SUNNO))) solo concert already in progress.
3:04: That’s where brains go.
3:08: Soulful Djent Merol Face.
3:11: You know it’s soulful because he has his eyes closed.
3:12: Or he’s just a sweepy wittle guy.
3:14: Eating sand was a bad choice.
3:19: Bounce ya French fries!
3:24: His feet must be killing him, but damn is he still fashionable.
3:31: “It’s time to spinkick the shit out of this lake.”
3:37: Gross. He’s totally going to get warts.
3:48: Keep working on that exploding heart technique. You’ll get it eventually.
3:59: This video is just ripe with bedroom black metal imagery.
4:08: You accidentally got weedilies in my deedilies.
4:19: “Not my sand! Noooooooooo!”
4:23: “Hate you sand! You never let me do anything!”
4:31: I get it now. Sand was setting him up this entire time. It makes so much sense.
4:38: A member of Portal gets to the venue too early.
4:43: He died doing what he loved. Walking around and putting markers in the ground for some reason.


Novelists’ album Souvenirs is out now via Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast.

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