Getting Laid at Bandcamp IV


Hello Crew,

This edition of Getting Laid at Bandcamp is going to be a little bit different from my past posts. This edition has a bit of a soft spot to it. Yes, Tyree has a soft spot. Unfortunately. Don’t worry though, there’s still some crushing metal too, just not as much as usual. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


Muscle and Marrow – The Human Cry

Muscle and Marrow are a Portland, Oregon duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Kira Clark and drummer Keith McGraw that play some beautiful yet bleak-sounding female-fronted gothic occult sludge. Muscle and Marrow slowly bleed sorrow in The Human Cry and mesmerize with every sung word.


Mansion – Shall Live

Mansion from Turku, Finland play haunting, atmospheric female-fronted occult rock. We Shall Live was the first release that I heard from Mansion and I was completely blown away by it. Alma’s voice is something to be heard, so go ahead and hit play.


Ides of Gemini – The Disruption Writ

Watch out for Ides of Gemini’s new 2014 album Old World New Wave, which will be released on September 16 via Neurot Recordings. This LA trio plays some beautiful PSYCHIC reverb-induced doom/sludge with clean female vocals. Until Ides of Gemini’s new album gets released, go ahead and listen to this EP, The Disruption Writ.


Allysen Callery – Folk Radio UK Session 2014 EP

Allysen Callery certainly does not play metal, but she sure does know how to play heavy on our hearts. This whole EP is definitely an emotional trip, but the song “The Huntsman” just stabs me right in the heart every damn time (skip to track 4). This is a beautiful release and I hope to hear more new music from Allysen very soon. If listening to this makes me a lifelover, then I can live with it!



All right, enough pleasant-sounding shit. It’s time for the crushing part. If GAS AXE doesn’t get your blood flowing with hate and rage, then I don’t know what will. GAS AXE is from Wales, UK and they plan to crumble your homes/work buildings to the ground with their experimental style of doom and sludge metal. I sort of think of GAS AXE to be the Meshuggah of doom/sludge. What do you think?


NOD NOD – nod nod

NOD NOD  play a perfect blend of mellow and punishing. You can be spacing out one minute and getting hit in the head with a hammer the next. There are influences from all over the map and you can pick them out throughout this whole album. You’ve got sludge, doom, rock, noise, country, folk, garage, and so on.


Caino – Exegesis

Caino play their crust/d-beat with emotion.  The one band I could compare these lads to is Tragedy but Caino manage to keep their sound distinct. This release is 2 years old now, let’s hope we hear more from these punk rockers soon.


Heathen Bastard – S/T

Hell, I figure we’ll end this with something slow, heavy and filthy. Heathen Bastard is a sludge/doom band from Florence, South Carolina and they don’t like to play fast, clean, or soft. I’ll just let Heathen Bastard do their thing. Warning: Your speakers may be destroyed. Play it loud!


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