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September 11th, 2017, will see the release of Shattered, Flattered and Covered, A twenty-track homage to New York native, noise rock veterans, (The) Unsane. The man responsible for hand-picking the creme de la crème of modern filth featured on the tribute (a ’la Ken Mode, Beige Eagle Boys, Sofy Major), is Manuel Veniani, who was kind enough to take a few moments off from compiling crushing tribute records to chat about the forthcoming release.

What exactly is it about the Unsane that drove you to compile such an expansive tribute record?

In 2012 I mastered a tribute dedicated to the band Cherubs, which is also one of my favourite bands ever. Around that time, I started to consider the idea of making another tribute of my own. Then, almost three years ago, a friend of mine named as Simone Calvo (from Flying Disk) asked for it and I instantly thought the idea was super. After that I called out some bands, mostly from the U.S, friends and not, one by one, were all down for it, since everyone accepted the offer I have decided to go straight to the edge, the rest now it’s history. Unsane have recorded many incredible records, not just 3/4, that’s the reason why there are so many songs on the album. The idea was to run through the whole career of the band, from the real beginning to the very end. Even if there is a new record by Unsane comin’ out ha ha!

The Unsane guys have worked with a load of labels since they started out. Was it difficult to get clearance for any of the tracks?

No, no problems about it.

How did you go about getting the word out to bands without blowing the projects cover?

Actually, I didn’t ask any of the bands involved in this project to keep their track just for the tribute release, hopefully everything turn out like I’ve expected.

Had you heard of all the bands featured prior to putting the comp together or did some come from out of the blue?

Most of them yes, then over the process some things changed, few bands (for different reasons) didn’t accomplished their job so I had to find some very good replacements!

Got lucky for sure, in honest words I have also got a huge stroke of luck finding a killer label like Antena Krzyku which allowed me to make a double LP album, a dream come true.

Did you give bands free reign when picking tracks they wanted to cover. and did any end up wanting to do the same song?

Ken Mode were supposed to play “Out” but then they changed their minds and as you know they’re ended up making a superlative version of “Broke”. I gave every band the chance to play the song they wanted to, expect for the band Maud from Munich, which I asked to play “Committed”, so just one exception. They are an incredible band but I’m still feeling a bit sorry because I have asked Maud to do this, even if I have no true painful regrets. In my eyes their song is one of the best of the album.

About your second question, the band 16 was supposed to play “Scrape” but since the song was already taken by Silent Front they don’t appears on it, beside this unlucky episode everything worked out fine.

Ken Mode took a really creative approach to their cover of “Broke”. Are there any other surprising spins on Unsane classics featured?

Yes, you must expect other surprising tunes with different features from the original ones, not because I have arranged it but the level of the record is pretty high. You are warned man!

The track list for the album sees artists covering tracks from all over the Unsane’s back catalogue. Do you remember the first Unsane album you heard? Were you hooked instantly?

Might be wrong but I think it was the singles history, first album was hella hard to find at those times, (before the internet), but yes, I was hooked instantly. Songs like “My Right”, “Vandal X” or “El Mundo” have driven my head totally off! After that nothing was the same as before!

How did it come about that Antena Krzyku would be releasing the tribute?

I have noticed the label was releasing some very good albums, like the last ones of Buildings and Buzz Rodeo, so I decided to see if it was possible to fuse our forces together. I still feel very blessed because of it and everything has exceeded any possible expectation. Between you and me, I can’t wait to see the album finally released!

Has Chris or any of the guys heard the record yet? If so what did they think?

No they haven’t heard the record yet. I like to surprise people. I must confess though, I really hope they will dig it!

Not to put you on the spot too much but do you have a favourite track on the record? Personally, I can’t wait to hear how messed up the Beige Eagle Boys version of “Streetsweeper” is!

Beige Eagle Boys are friends of mine, they’re such an awesome band, we were together also in the Cherubs tribute, from the things you said I have the feeling you know them pretty well too? You’re right, you must expect a pretty “eclectic” song by them which also features Karen Neal (ex Inside Out/Thrall) and Houston Whittier.

Comin’ to the first question, it’s hard to choose a specific song as the best one off the album, probably because I have arranged and mastered the whole record. This tribute is like a baby I’ve given the birth from the nowhere, it’s too fuckin’ personal. I’m sure you understand.

If we are very patient and all go and pick up Vol 1, would we be lucky enough to see a Shattered, Flattered and Covered Volume 2?

I believe it’s impossible for that to happen right now. It took over two years to finally see the light, it was honestly a real hard and massive workload to make all the things work out in the right way, for this reasons I honestly doubt you will see a Vol II, but in life you never know, after all Sterilize is on the way!

“Shattered, Flattered and Covered” comes out September 11th, via Antena Krzyku. Get your pre-order here!

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