Guest List: Enrique from Haunter’s Top 10 of 2K19


You’re dying to know what Enrique from Haunter listened to all year so don’t lie. Prepare yourself for a shockingly eclectic mix of metal and non-. (Commentary presented without editing because…I’m almost 40 and I don’t know what most of this means.)

1. Young ThugSo Much Fun

300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records

Shiiiiiii, this one jus has no bad songs. I get hype as fuck to this record almost daily. Poppy n not like a lot of other thugger, but gotdamn I couldn’t stop fuckin wit this one all year and thas on slatt.

2. Go YayoLiving Legend


Yayo dropped the most music this year and not one project was bad, but this one was on repeat 25/8 yaheardme? Texas jus go the fire. Hoping for a Go Yayo x Haunter collaboration in the future. Keep Haunter hood.

3. Boy HarsherCareful

Nude Club

I had been waiting for this to drop for a lil minute. Caught them live like four times and they slayed every time. This record jus keeps ya dancing and definitely keeps ya horny and we having a saying here at Haunter Corp LLC. Keep Haunter Horny.

4. Yellow EyesRare Field Ceiling

Gilead Media

I had to contain myself every day on the Anicon tour so I wouldn’t punish Alex [of both Anicon and Yellow Eyes] about how good this record is. I love non-traditional metal shit and this album jus checks off so many boxes for me. The samples throughout are just perfect and the drumming is otherworldly. Can’t fuck with you if you don’t fuck with Yellow Eyes.

5. Charley CrockettThe Valley


I was only recently introduced to Charley and feel like a fvlse on account of that. Either way, Charley put out a solid record this year very on par with the rest of his discography. Definitely an influence for future writing.

6. FilmmakerThe Love Market

Detriti Records

Detriti Records jus puts out so much solid stuff, but this one was always on. It puts me in a great headspace to make art too. It’s disorienting as it is dancey and I need more.

7. Blood IncantationHidden History of the Human Race

Dark Descent Records

I couldn’t not include my slimes on this list. Apart from being the nicest dudes, this record will truly stand the test of time as will Starspawn. It’s just good songwriting and only brokebois will disagree.

8. FatamorganaTerra Alta

La Vida es un Mus

Really really really want to see this band live. This record is cold, icy and poppy as all hell. Love that there are songs in Spanish too. ÓRALE.


9. Crypt SermonThe Ruins of Fading Light

Dark Descent Records

I really only started listening to this band cos one of the fellas has the same name as me. I was not disappointed. So much angular riffing, excellent soloing and very memorable songwriting.

10. Blue Hummingbird on the LeftAtl Tlachinolli

Iron Bonehead Productions

Blisteringly pissed black metal with so much indigenous pride. This album helped me get so many heavy lifts at the gym. It just makes me proud to be a brown dude in a white-dominated genre. Our pagan ancestors would be proud of this record.

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