Psychosexual – Lady Killer: A Video Breakdown


Death by cringe.

Pandemic. War. Famine. Climate change. Social upheaval. Disrupted supply chains. The uncertainty of everything. 2020 has been…well, you know how it has been. You’re living it. Every second of every day is filled with fear, anxiety, and anguish. Things will get better eventually, even though it may not feel like it now. It’s just the neverending tidal wave of crises. It’s just one thing after another. Just about everything has slowed down or grinded to a halt. Everything except Psychosexual.

Yes, the nu-industrialish project from former Five Finger Death Punch drummer and noted gross-sex-haver Jeremy Spencer is still managing to somehow put out new music videos. I suppose when your vision is “talk-singing about being an actual horny devil worthy of an appearance in a movie by The Asylum” literally nothing in the world can stop you. Sure, breathing too closely near the wrong person can lead to an agonizingly painful death right now, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. The Jeremy Spencer Fucktrain is always right on time which is why we have a new Psychosexual music video. Let’s put on some protection and break it down.


Just gunna get in a quick jerk before work…


When the Monster Assault Energy drink hits.


Akercocke would like their music video back.


The straight jacket is to keep him from touching the dancers. Club policy.


There’s a box of cinnamon candy missing their logo right now.


If she flips him, Sonya Blade-style, this will be the best music video.


Aw, he’s a chilly lil’ devil. Someone get him another straight jacket.


What’s with the knife? We having cake or something?




His heart exploded after she served him a class action paternity lawsuit.

Psychosexual’s album Torch The Faith will be available somewhere at some point in time. Get tested before and after.

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